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Język angielski - czasowniki frazowe

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Czasowniki frazowe składają się z czasownika i innego słowa lub frazy, zazwyczaj przyimka (preposition). Powstała kombinacja daje w rezultacie inny czasownik, którego zna...
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Czasowniki frazowe składają się z czasownika i innego słowa lub frazy, zazwyczaj przyimka (preposition). Powstała kombinacja daje w rezultacie inny czasownik, którego znaczenie może nieraz być kłopotliwe dla cudzoziemców. Czasowniki frazowe powstają w języku potocznym i następnie stają się formalnie przyjętą formą w języku angielskim.
Część składowa czasownika frazowego, która nie jest czasownikiem (zazwyczaj przyimek) jest nazywana "particle". Największym problemem z czasownikami frazowymi jest to, że ich znaczenie nie jest takie jasne i mogą one oznaczać kilka rzeczy. Na przykład "to make out" może znaczyć widzieć coś, dostrzegać, ale również całować i dotykać.

Account for

- To explain or justify: Icouldn't account for what I was doing yesterday. [wyjaśniać , usprawiedliwiać]

- To constitute the primary factor: Bad weather accounted for the heavy traffice. [być głównym powodem]

Ache for

- To yearn: The refugee ached for his homeland. [bardzo tęsknić]

Act on

- To act in accordance with: She acted on his advice. [działać zgodnie z]

- To have an effect on: The speech acted on the emotions of all the listeners.[odziaływać]

Act out

- To demonstrate by pantomime or by words and gestures: The party guests acted out stories for one another.[odegrać]

Act up

- To fail to function properly: The TV is acting up again. [źle działać]

- To misbehave: What makes your child act up? [żle się zachowywać]

- To make itself felt: Her allergies acted up again. [dawać się we znaki]

Add in

-Include: Add in the tip too! [załączyć, dodać]

Add up

- To make total: These figures don't add up right. [dodawać się, dawać sumę]

- To seem reasonable: Some aspects of the story didn't add up. [mieć sens]

Add up to

- To indicate: The evidence adds up to a case of murder. [wskazywać, oznaczać]

Adhere to

- to hold closely or firmly: We have to adhere to our plan. [trzymać się]

Aim at

- Intend, drive at: What are you aiming at? [dążyć do, zmierzać, zamierzać]

Allow for

- To make provision for: Program allows for treatment of parents.[przewidywać, pozwalać na]

Angle for

- To attempt to get something by artful means: He is angling for your heart. [próbować osiągnąć coś sposobem]

Answer back

- To reply rudely to someone: Students shouldn't answer back when reprimanded. [pyskować]

Answer for

- To be held liable: They will answer for their deeds. [ponosić odpowiedzialność]

Ask about

- Put a question; I want to ask you about your family. [pytać]

Ask after

- Enquire about someone's health: He aseked after your mother, who is sick in hospital. [pytać zazwyczaj o zdrowie]

Ask around

- Ask people for information or help: I asked around if anyone knew where the train station was. [ropytywać, pytać wokoło]

Ask for

- Request; He asked my for the book. [prosić]

Ask in

- To invite someone inside: She asked me in for coffee. [zaprosić do środka]

Ask out

- To invite someone for a date: Tom asked Mary out. They went to a café. [zaprosić na randkę]

Ask over

- To Invite someone home: I would like to ask our neighbours over tonight. [zaprosić]

Arrive at

- Come to an agreement: After a long discussion we finally manged to arrive at an agreement. [dojść do, osiągnąć]

Back away

- To Retreat: When the snake got closer he quickly backed away. [wycofać się]

Back down

- To abandon your position in an argument: He backed down as soon as he relized he was wrong. [wycofać się]

Back off

-To retreat: When the plane took off it was too late to back off. [wycofać się]

Back out (out of)

- To fail to keep an arrangement or promise: You can't back out now. [wycofać się]

Back up

- To make a copy of computer data: We backed up our system just in case. [kopiować dane]

- To support: or confirm: They backed up my story. [potwierdzać, wspierać]

- To backwards: Could you please back up your car? [wycofać]

Bail out

-Save, rescue: They bailed us out of the trouble. [wybawiać z kłopotu]

-To obtain someone's freedom by paying his/her bail: Having spent a day in jail, Tom was bailed out by his parents. [włpacić kaucję aby uwolnić kogoś z więzienia]

-Jump out of a plane because it is going to crash: He bailed out of the plane when it was about to crush. [wyskoczyć z samolotu]

Bail out on

-Stop supporting someone when they are in trouble: Susan bailed out on me when I needed her. [porzucić, opuścić]

Bail up (Australian)

-to force (one) to surrender

-the cry of challenge of a pioneer or person living in the bush

Bang about (around)

-Move in a place making a lot of noise: I could hear her banging around in her room. [robić hałas, przemieszczać się hałaśliwie]

Bang away

-Ask many questions rapidly: Reporters banged away at the president during the press conference. [zasypywać pytaniami ]

Bang on about

-Keep talking about something: They kept banging on about the homework. [gadać nonstop, nadawć]

Bang up

-Put someone in prison: He was banged up for stealing my precious socks:)[wsadzić do więzienia, British English]

-Damage badly: My car was banged up by a careless lady driver. [zniszczyć, poturbować]

Bank on

-Count or rely on: You can bank on it. [liczyć na coś, polegać na czymś].

Bank into

-To crush into. banging into trees is not a good idea. [walnąć, uderzyć w coś].

Barge in (into)

-Enter a place and interrupt: She's barged into the meeting as if she suddenly were on the Board od Directors. [wparować]

Bash away (on/at) British English

-To keep on working hard at something: She has been bashing away at her assignment all day. [ciężko pracować bez przerwy]

Bash on (with) (British English)

-To keep on working hard at something: She has been bashing away at her assignment all day. [ciężko pracować bez przerwy]

Bash in/down

-To destroy something by hitting it badly: The guy bashed the door down and enter the bar. [rozwalić, zniszczyć ]

Bash out

-To produce a lot but of low quality: He bashed out his essey and got a lousy mark. [odwalić robotę]

Bash up (British English)

-To attack verbally in a violent way: They bashed up the speaker for the remarks he made. [zaatakować, sprać]

Bawl out

-Scold or reprimend: The manager bawled him out for being impolite to the customer. [skrzyczeć, zbesztać]

Be along

-Arrive- nieformalnie : They should be along soon. [przybywać]

Be away

-Be elsewhere: They are away for two days. [wyjechać, być nieobecnym]

Be down

-Be depressed: She failed the test and has been down for a week. [mież depresję]

Be down with

-Be sick: Susan is down with flu. [być chorym an]

Be fed up

- Be bored, unhappy, or sick of something: I'm fed up with these phrasal verbs. [być znudzonym, mieć dosyć]

Be in

- Be in a particular place: Susan is in. Do you want to talk to her? [być w domu, pracy, etc, być obecnym]
- Arrive: They will be in soon. [przybywać]

Be in on

- Be involved in: He was in on this robbery. [być zaangażowanym w coś]
-To know about something: They both were in on our plan. [wiedzieć, być wtajemniczonym]

Be off

- Depart : They are off for the whole summer. [wyjechać]
- Have a particular amount of sth: They are well off. [mieć konkretną iość czegoś]
- Be not functioning (machines): The radio is off. [wyłączony]

Be on

- Be functioning ( machines): The TV is on. [włączony]

Be onto

- Pursue, be aware of someone's undefined nature: She is onto getting a job as an English teacher. [dążyć do, być świadomym czyjej prwawdziwej natury]

Be out

- Be absent: Is Mike out or still in his office? [być nieobecnym]

Be out of

- Have no more left: I'm out of money, yet still happy. [nie mieć]

Be out to

- Attempt: He is out to get you. You'd better watch out. [próbować]

Be snowed under

- Have too much work: She's been snowed under this paperwork for weeks. [być zasypanym pracą]

Be taken aback

- Be shocked or surprised: We were taken aback by the stupid look on his face. [być zaskoczonym, zdziwionym]

Be taken with

- Like something. She was taken with my charming smile. [lubić coś]

Be up

- Be out of bed: He's been up since 4. [być na nogach]
- When the time for something finishes or expires. The time is up! Please, stop writing and put away your pens. [skończyć się - o czasie]

Be up to

- Be good enough: She is up to this task. [nadawać się do]
- Doing something naughty or wrong: What are the kids up to this time? [broić, psocić]

Bear down on

- Move towards, approach rapidly: Hurricane Katrina bore down on Louisiana on Sunday. [zbliżać się gwałtownie, zbiżyć się]

Bear on

- Influence, affect: This information may bear on the case. [wpływać, oddziaływać]

Bear up

- Resist pressure: He bore up under the enormous strain. [opierać się]

Bear with

- Be patient: Could you bear with me for a moment? [być cierpliwym]

Beat down

- Strong sunshine. The sun is beating down terribly today. [o słońcu - mocno grzać]

Beat up

- Attack violently. He was beat up by a bunch of hooligans. [pobić]

Bed down

- Go to bed: They decided to bed down for the night. [iść spać]

Beef up

- Make something stronger: Security has been beefed up after the explotion. [wzmocnić]

Belt out

- Sing something loudly: She grabbed the mike and belted out a good chunk of "Hit Me with Your Best Shot". [głośno śpiewać]

Belt up

- Fasten your seatbelt : The kids belted up in their seats and waited for me to start the car. [zapiąć pasy]

Bend down

- Lower the top half of your body: I bent down to tie my shoe. [zginać się]

Bend over

- Lower the top part of your body: I bent over to tie my shoe. [wypiąć się, zginać się ]

Bend over backwards

- Do a lot to try to help or please someone. I bend over backwards for you and you don't appricate it. [starać się pomóc bardzo]

Black out

- Fall unconscious: When she blacked out for a second, she swang the car and almost hit the tree. [stracić przytomność]
- make a place black: Power shortages were the cause of the black out in the city. [zaciemnienie, zaciemniać]

Blank out

- Censor text: They blanked out the passage so that nobody could read it. [wyciąć, wymazać, zasłonić]
- Erase from memory: I blanked this out off my memory. [wymazać z pamięci]

Blare out

- Make a loud sound: The radio blared out an awful punk music. [wydzierać się, ryczeć]

Blast off

- Leave the ground: The racket blasted off and was on its way to the Moon. [odpalać, startować]

Blast out

- Make a loud sound: The radio blared out an awful punk music. [wydzierać się, ryczeć]

Blast for

- Criticize, scold: He blasted me for coming late for work. [krytykować, opieprzać]

Blast away

- Blow up: This house will be blasted away the next day. [wysadzać]

Blaze away

- Fire a gun repeatedly; The gunman started to blaze away at the police. [strzelać]

Blaze up

- Become angry; She blazed up at the very thought of going to school. [rozwścieczyć się]

Blaze with

- Shine brightly; She blazed with diamonds around her neck. [błyszczeć]

Blaze all over (across)

- Make news widely known; The story was blazed across all TV channels. [ropowrzechniać]

Bliss out

- Be extremely relaxed and happy; They could finally bliss out in their garden. [wypocząć]

Block in

- Park a car and obstruct another car; He blocked me in for 15 minutes. [zatarasować, zaplokować]
- Shade or fill in: Mary bloked in the shade of the city. [naszkicować]

Block off

- Obstruct an exit to prevent people from leaving. The police block off this section of the road. [zagradzać, blokować]

Block out

- Try not think about or feel something because it is upsetting: He tried to block out the accident permanently. [wymazać, zablokować]

Block up

- Fill a space so that nothing can pass: They block up our way to the garage. [zablokować]

Blow down

- When the wind forces something to fall. The man was blown down by the wind. [powalić, zdmuchnąć]

Blow on

- Spend money; I blew lots of cash on this game. [przepuścić pieniądze].

Blow out

- Extinguish candles, matches: Tommy blew out the candles when everyone was singing "Happy Birthday". [zdmuchiwać].

Blow over

- When a scandal gets forgotten; Our argument blow over rather fast. [przemijać]

Blow up

- Explode; The bomb blew up so suddenly but fortunately nobody was hurt. [wybuchać]

Blurt out

- Say something quickly without thinking: She blurted out all our secrets. [wypaplać]

Bog down

- Get stucked: We bogged down in a number of problems. [utknąć]

Bog in (into)

- Eat enthusiatically; After they served the chocolate cake, we could finally bog into what we liked the most. [zajadać się]

Bog off

- Get lost [spadaj]

Boil down

- Simplify, reduce to the essentials; It all boils down to whether we should build the road or not. [sprowadzać się do]

Boil over

- When a hot liquid spills out of a container; Look1 We let the soup boil over. [wykipieć]
- When people lose their tempers and things get nasty; The CEO boiled over about the lost contract. [unieść się, wkurzyć się]

Boil up

- Feel a negative emotion strongly; My blood started to boil up in me. [gotować się, wrzeć]

Bone up on

- Study hard; We have been boning up on maths all night. [kuć]

Book in (into)

- Check in at a hotel. We booked into the hotel in the morning. [zameldować się]
- Make reservation; I booked him in the hotel. [zarezerwować pokój]

Book up

- Reserve; The play is booked up. [zarezerować, wykupić]

Boot up

- Start a computer, Boot up you computer and we see what programs you have. [butować, włączyć]

Boss about (around)

- Use excessive authority to control people; She bossed everyone around in the office. [rządzić kimś]

Bottle away

- Store up; I keep that all bottled away in a deep dark corner of my being. [przechowywać]

Bottle out

- Lack courage to do something, Mr Green has indeed bottled out of taking on the Beeb. [stchórzyć]

Bottle up

- Not express your feelings, This hate is bottled up inside my heart. [skrywać, zamykać w sobie]

Bottom out

- Pass the lowest point and start rising; The recession has finally bottomed out. [odbić się od dna]

Bounce into

- Force someone, They bounced me into this game and I lost a lot of money. [popędzać]

Bounce back

- Recover, She bounced back after the break up. [pozbierać się]

Bounce off

- Test ideas, We bounced our ideas off all our friends to see their opinions. [sprawdzać , testować pomysły]

Bowl over

- Surprise someone greatly; Fans were not quite bowled over. [wywracać, wprawić w podziw, zadziwiać]

Box in

- Prevent something from moving; The truck boxed us in for two hours. [zablokować]

Box up

- Pack things in boxes to move them; We have to box all these products up and ship them immediately. [zapakować]

Branch out

- Move into a different area of business, etc; The company has branched out into computer business. [poszerzać działalność]

Break away

- Run away, The prisoner decided to break away at midnight. [wyzwalać się, uciekać]
- Leave an organisation, party; [wyłamywać się, odłączać się]

Break down

- End negotiations unsuccessfully, The talks have broken down. [załamywać się, kończyć się niepowodzeniem]
- Start crying; She broke down in tears when she heard the test results. [załamywać się]
- Stop working, The TV has broken down and now we have to read books. [psuć się]

Break in

- Go into a building to steal something; The burglers broke into the house and stole all my debts:) [włamywać się]
- Interrupt something; She broke in with hher comments. [wtrącać się]
- The car's motor has to be broken in duriing the first 1000 miles. [docierać]

Break off

- Break a piece from something, Be careful or you breake off the handle! [odłamać]
- End a relationship, She broke off after two months. [zerwać]

Break out of

- Escape, The prisoner has broken out of jail and been remaining at large for several weeks. [uciekać]

Break through

- Pass a barrier or obstacle, I want to break through this wall, using my head. [przebić się]

Break up

- Break into many pieces, He broke up the vase and denied doing it. [rozbić]
- Close an educational institution for the holidays; The school broke up for the summer break.
- Finish a relationship; We will have to bbreak up because we are a total mismatch. [rozstać sie, zrywać]

Breeze along

- Move easily and quickly, We were breezing along the river when the boss spotted that we were not in the office. [przemykać, pędzić]

Breeze in (into)

- Enter a place quickly; She breezed into office unnoticed. [wpadać, przemykać]

Breeze through

- Pass easily, succeed; Sylwia breezed through the test and was just smiling. [przemknąć]

Bring about

- Make something happen, This brought about a big change in my life. [wywoływać]

Bring around

- Persuade or convince someone; She brought me around on this issue. [przekabacić, przekonać]
- Get someone talking about something, I finally brought the conversation around to the subject of real estate. [kierować rozmowę na jakiś temat]

Bring back

- Cause someone to remember; This brings back a lot of good memories. [przywodzić na myśl]
- Return; I brought up the book you gave mme. [zwracać]

Bring down

- Make a government, institution fall, How ATM fraud nearly brought down British banking. [obalać]
- Make something cheaper, The new act is expected to bring the prices down. [obniżać]

Bring forth

- Produce something, make it known or visible; The campaign has brought forth a tide of negative anecdotes. [przynosić, wnosić]

Bring forward

- Make something happen earlier than originally planned, The meeting was brought froward by three days. [przyśpieszyć termin]

Bring in

- Earn; This job can bring in a lot of money. [przynieść]
- Ask someone to do a job, We will bring in the best experts to fix this problem. [sprowadzać, zatrudniać]

Bring on

- Cause something to happen, This situation is brought on by our inability to stabilize the production. [powodować]

Bring out

- Release or publish, This book will be brought out in June. [publikować]
- Cause to show, appear; Difficulties make bring out the worst in people. [wyzwalać]

Bring round

- Make someone wake up from unconsciousness, She was brought round by our doctor five minutes after she passed out. [cucić]

Bring up

- Mention; They have brought up the subject of homelessness in the city. [poruszać}
- Raise a child; We were brought up in the South of Poland. [wychowywać]
- Vomit;

Brush aside

- Ignore, refuse to pay attention to; She brushed this topic aside and moved on to what she wanted to discuss. [ignorować, pomijać milczeniem, odsuwać na bok ]

Brush off

- Ignore, pay little attention; She brushed him off as usual. [ignorować, odprawić z kwitkiem ]

Brush up

- Improve a skill quickly; I have to brush up my English skills. [odświeżać]

Bubble over

- Become very excited. They are bubbling over with excitement. [tryskać np entuzjazmem]

Bubble under

- Likely to be successful soon; "What a Wonderful World" by Louis Armstrong bubbled under in 1967-68. [dobrze rokujący]

Budge up

- Move to make space for someone; Could you budge up a bit? [posunąć się, przesunąć się]

Buff up

- Clear, clean or make something shine; They've buffed the car up so it looks like a mirror now. [wypolerować]
- Improve; It was I who buffed up the Wikipedia. [polepszyć]

Buff up on

- Improve your knowledge; You will have to buff up on math over night. The test is tomorrow. [polepszyć]

Build on

- Use a base as a starting point;; Planck satellite will build on Nobel-prize-winning science. [budować na ]

Build in (into)

- Make sth a part of sth else; The modem is built into the motherboard. [wbudować, wmontować]

Build up

- Develop over a period; You have to build up you writing skills if you want to become a writer. [rozwijać, wzmacniać]
- Increase; The traffic is building up. Wee'd better take a different route. [wzrastać, wzmagać się]

Bulk out

- Make something bigger or thicker; The book is bulked out with a dossier of texts by Gorgias and Plato. [wypełnić, powiększyć]

Bump into

- Meet by chance; I bumped into Tom the other day. [wpaść na kogoś]

Bump off

- Kill; He was bumped off by a fellow gangster. [zabić]

Bump up

- Increase; The prices of oil will slightly bump up this year. [wzrastać]

Bunk down

- Go to bed: We bedded down at 10. [iść spać]

Bunk off

- Not go to school when you should; I bunked off school for eight days in a row to sit and watch TV. [wagarować]

Buoy up

- Make someone feel cheerful; His support buoyed her up during the crisis. [podtrzymywać na duchu]

Burn down

- Burn completely; The old church has burnt down to the ground. [spalić się doszczętnie]

Burn off

- Remove by burning or similar process; I think that burning off the old paint before putting on a new one is a good idea. [usunąć za pomocą ognia]

Burn out

- Lose enthusiasm and energy; I feek totally burnt out after this performance. [wypalać się]

Burst into

- Start doing sth suddenly; After looking at my CV, she burst into laughing. [wybuchać]
- Enter suddenly and noisily; He burst intto the office like a canon. [wtargnąć]

Butt in

- Interrupt, She was always butting in on our conversations. [wtrącać się]

Butter up

- Praise or flatter someone excessively; He buttered up the potential candidates with plenty of flattery. [schlebiać, podlizywać się]

Buy into

- Accept an idea, I bought into the scheme hoping to get some profits out of it.

Buy off

- Pay someone to stop them causing trouble; They wanted to buy her off so that she doesn't make any trouble. [przekupić]

Buy out

- Buy somebody's share in a company; Microhard will buy out all their potential competitors. [wykupić]

Buy up

- Buy all of something; They decided to buy up the entire orange juice market. [wykupić]

Buzz with

- Be full of sth (thoughts): The whole office was buzzing with rumours about their affair. [szumieć]

Buzz about (around)

- Move quickly around a place: She's been buzzing around trying to find the book. [krzątać się]

Buzz off

- Leave somewhere: We're buzzing off. Wanna come with us? [spadać, uciekać]

Buzz off!

- Go away (imperative): [spieprzaj, spadaj]

Call after

- Name someone after somebody else

Call back

- Return a phonecall

Call for

- Demand
- Go to collect something
- Telephone for something
- Go and collect someone to take them out
- Require

Call forth

- Make something happen

Call in

- Get someone to come and do a job
- Stop and visit

Call off

- Cancel
- Order someone to stop attacking

Call on

- Ask for help
- Visit
- Challenge
- Ask someone to do something, especially to speak in public. (Formal)

Call up

- Summon someone for military service
- Telephone

Calm down

- Stop being angry or emotionally excited

Cancel out

- Have an opposite effect on something that has happened, taking things back to the beginning

Care for

- Like

Carried away

- Get so emotional that you lose control

Carry forward

- Include a figure in a later calculation
- Make something progress

Carry offf

- Win, succeed
- Die of a disease

Carry on

- Continue

Carry on with

- Have an affair

Carry out

- Perform a task
- Food bought from a restaurant to take away

Carry over

- Continue past a certain point

Carry through

- Complete successfully

Cart off

- Take someone away, usually under arrest or to prison
- Take something away, especially if stealling or without permission

Cash in

- Convert shares, bonds, casino chips, etc, into money

Cash in on

- Benefit or make money on something, especially if done unfairly

Cash out

- Illegally access a bank account or credit card and steal money

Cash up

- Count all the money taken in a shop or business at the end of the day

Catch on

- Become popular
- Finally understand what is going on

Catch up

- Get work, etc, up to date.

Cater for

- To provide what is necessary

Cater to

- To provide what is needed, often seen negatively

Cave in

- Collapse
- Stop resisting or refusing

Chalk out

- To cut a line of cocaine

Chalk up

- To achieve something good

Chalk up to

- Explain the reason for a problem

Chance upon

- Find something by accident

Change over

- Change a system

Charge up

- Put electricty into a battery

Charge with

- Accuse somebody of a crime

Chase up

- Ensure that someone remembers to do something

Chat up

- Talk to someone you are sexually interested in to get them interested in you

Cheat on

- Be sexually unfaithful

Cheat out of

- Get money from someone under false pretences

Check by

- Visit a place to check something

Check in

- Register on arriving at a hotel or at the airport

Check into

- Register on arriving at a hotel or at the airport

Check off

- Mark something on a list as done

Check out

- Pay the bill when leaving a hotel
- Die

Check out of

- Settle up and pay before leaving a hotel

Check over

- Check something very carefully

Cheer on

- Encourage

Cheer up

- Be less unhappy

Chew on

- Thinks about something carefully before deciding

Chew out

- Criticize someone angrily

Chew over

- Think about an issue

Chew up

- Cut into small pieces with your teeth
- Damage something inside a machine

Chicken out

- Be too afraid to do something

Chill out

- Relax

Chime in

- Contribute to a discussion

Chip away at

- Gradually reduce something to make it less powerful, effective, etc

Chip in

- Contribute some money
- Contribute to a discussion

Chop down

- Fell or cut down a tree

Chop up

- Cut into small pieces

Chuck up

- Vomit, be sick

Churn out

- Produce, usually quickly or in large amounts without much regard to quality

Clag up

- Make something sticky

Clam up

- Be quiet, refure to speak

Clamp down on

- Restrict or try to stop something

Claw back

- Get money back
- Retake possession with difficulty

Clean out

- Tidy up thoroughly and throw away unwanted things.
- Cause someone to spend all their money

Clean up

- Tidy and clean

Clear out

- Tidy up thoroughly and throw away unwanted stuff.

Clear up

- Cure or recover from an infection
- Tidy up

Click through

- Open an advertisement on the Internet

Climb down

- Accept that you are wrong and change your position

Clog up

- Block, slow movement right down

Close down

- Close a shop, branch or business permanently

Cloud over

- Get very cloudy

Clown about

- Behave stupidly or waste time

Clown around

- Behave stupidly or waste time

Cock up

- Ruin or spoil something

Colour (Color) up

- Blush

Come about

- Happen, occur

Come across

- Find by accident
- Agree to have sex with someone
- The way other people see you

Come apart

- Break into pieces

Come before

- Appear in court charged with a crime or offence

Come by

- Visit
- Acquire

Come down

- Rain
- Travel

Come down on

- Criticise heavily

Come down with

- Fall ill

Come forth

- Appear

Come forth with

- Provide information

Come from

- Country or town where you were born

Come in

- Arrive for flights
- Place or ranking in a competition, etc.<
- Receive news

Come into

- Be important or relevant
- Inherit

Come into use

- Start being used

Come off

- When something breaks off
- Be successful

Come off it

- I don't believe what you're saying; used as an imperative

Come on

- Encouragement
- Start an illness
- Start functioninng (machines, etc)

Come out

- A secret is revealed
- Be published or otherwise available to the public
- Disappear when washed
- Let people know that you are lesbian or gay
- When the sun appears

Come out in

- Have a rash or similar skin problem

Come over

- Feel strange

Come round

- Become conscious, wake up from anaesthetic
- Change your opinion

Come through

- Arrive (messages and information)
- Communicate an emotion
- Produce a result

Come through with

- Provide something needed

Come to

- Become conscious, wake up from anaesthetic
- Result in

Come up

- Appearr
- Rise (the sun)

Come up against

- Encounter problems or difficulties

Come up with

- Think of a solution, excuse, etc.

Come upon

- Find by chance

Conjure up

- Create a picture or memory in someone's mind
- Create something without many resources

Conk out

- Fall fast asleep
- Suddenly breakdown or stop working

Cool down

- Get cooler
- Become calm

Cop it

- Get into trouble

Cop off

- Leave work or school early
- Kiss, pet or have sex with someone

Cop out

- Choose an easy alternative

Cotton on

- To work out the truth

Could do with

- Need or want something

Count in

- Include or involve

Count on

- Depend, rely

Count out

- Exclude

Count up

- Add

Cozy up

- Make yourself comfortable

Cozy up to

- Make yourself popular with someone

Crack down on

- Use more authority than usual

Crack on

- Continue doing something with energy

Crack up

- Have a nervous breakdown
- Have bad reception on a mobile phone
- Burst out laughing
- Damage a car bbadly

Crank out

- Produce a lot of something fast

Crank up

- Inject non-medical drugs
- Start a machine, originally with a handlle
- Increase, make something bigger

Crash out

- Sleep at someone's house because you are too tired, drunk, etc. to leave
- Fall asleep

Creep out on

-- To do the same activity for a very long time

Crop up

- Appear unexpectedly

Cross off

- Delete, remove from a list

Cross out

- Put as line through some writing to show it is wrong

Cry off

- To cancel an arrangement

Cry out

- Shout because you are in pain

Cut back

- Reduce

Cut back on

- Reduce expenditure

Cut down

- Consume less
- Shoot

Cut down on

- Reduce

Cut it out

- Stop your unfair or unreasonable behaviour

Cut off

- Disconnect
- Isolate or make inaccessible

Cut out

- Exclude
- When an engine or motor stops
- Cut a picture or similar from a magazine, etc

Cut out on

- Let down, snub

Dash off

- Leave somewhere quickly
- Do something quickly, especially writing

Dawn on

- Finally realise or understand something

Die away

- Become quieter or inaudible (of a sound)

Die down

- Decrease or become quieter

Die for

- Want something a lot

Die off

- Become extinct

Die out

- Become extinct or disappear

Dig in

- Start eating greedily

Dig into

- Reach inside to get something

Dig up

- Find something that is supposed to be secret

Dine out

- Have dinner outside your home

Dine out on

- Tell a story repeatedly that is well received

Dip in

- Put something in a liquid for a short time

Dip into

- Read parts of a book, but not all
- Take money out of your savings

Disagree with

- Make someone feel sick or ill

Dish out

- Serve food
- Give something, usually when you shouldn't
- Criticise, when you can't take criticism in return

Dish up

- Serve food

Dive in

- Start doing something, usually without planning
- Start eating

Dive into

- Reach inside something quickly

Divvy out

- Divide, share

Divvy up

- Divide, share

Do away with

- Abolish, get rid of

Do out of

- Cheat somebody out of something that is rightfully theirs

Do up

- Close or fasten clothes, etc.
- Repair and renovate

Do without

- Manage without something

Doze off

- Fall asleep

Drag on

- Be unnecessarily long

Draw back

- Retreat, move backwards

Draw down

- Reduce levels
- Get funding
- To deplete by consumption or heavy spending

Draw in

- Get dark earlier
- Arrive at a station (for trains)

Draw into

- Get involved in something unpleasant

Draw on

- Pass slowly (time)
- Inhale smoke from a cigerette, cigar, etc

Draw out

- Make something continue longer than needed
- Make a shy person more outgoing

Draw up

- Prepare a contract
- When a vehicle stops

Dream of

- Not think or consider

Dream up

- Invent something, have an idea

Dredge up

- Discover things about someone's past

Dress down

- Dress casually
- Scold

Dress up

- Dress very smartly

Drill down through

- Get to the bottom of something, get detailed data

Drill into

- Repeat something many times to make someone learn it

Drink up

- Finish a drink

Drive away

- Force an animal or someone to leave a place

Drive back

- Repulse, force back

Drive by

- Do domething out of a car

Drive off

- Drive away from a place

Drive out

- Force someone to leave a place

Drive up

- Make something increase

Drone on

- Talk boringly for a long time

Drop by

- Pay a brief visit

Drop in

- Visit without having made arrangements

Drop out

- Quit a course

Drum into

- To make someone learn or believe something by constant repetition

Drum out

- Force someone out of their job or position

Drum up

- Increase support or interest

Duck out of

- Avoid doing something

Duff up

- Beat or hit someone repeatedly

Dumb down

- Reduce the intellectual level of something in search of popularity

Dwell on

- Spend a lot of time on something

Dwell upon

- Spend a lot of time on something

Ease off

- Reduce pressure

Ease up

- Relax, calm down

Eat away

- Destroy slowly

Eat in

- Eat at home

Eat into

- Use something valuable when you don't want to

Eat out

- Eat in a restaurant

Eat up

- Eat all of something
- Consume
- Consume something you don't want to be consumed

Ebb away

- Disappear gradually

Edge out

- Gradually push someone or something out of their position

Edge up

- Approach slowly

Egg on

- Encourage

Eke out

- Make something like money last as long as possible

Embark on

- Start a project or venture

Embark upon

- Start a project or venture

Empty out

- Empty something completely
- Remove some things or everything from a container

End in

- Finish a certain way

End up

- Become or do something unplanned

End up with

- Get as a result of something

Enter for

- Join or enter a competition

Enter into

- Become involved in or accept

Eye up

- Look carefully at someone

Face off

- Confront

Face up to

- Accept an unpleasant truth

Faff about

- Behave indecisively

Faff around

- Behave indecisively

Fall back

- Retreat

Fall back on

- Be able to use in an emergency

Fall behind

- Make less progress

Fall down

- Fall on the ground
- Have a weak point

Fall for

- Be attracted to somebody, fall in love
- Believe a lie or a piece of deception

Fall in

- Collapse

Fall off

- Decrease

Fall out

- Argue and be on bad terms with someone
- Lose hair

Fall over

- Fall on the ground

Fall through

- Be unsuccessful

Farm out

- Give or contract work to someone else

Fart about

- Waste time doing silly things

Fathom out

- Understand something

Fatten up

- Give an animal a lot to eat to make it fat

Feed off

- Eat a food as part of an animals diet
- Use something to your advantage

Feed on

- Grow stronger
- Consume in an animal's diet
- Give someone a particular food

Feed up

- Give someone a lot of food to restore their health, make them bigger, etc

Feel up

- Touch sexually, grope

Feel up to

- Feel capable of doing something

Fend for

- Take care of yourself or someone with help from other people

Fend off

- Resist something successfully
- Push an attacker away

Ferret out

- Search and discover something

Fess up

- Confess, admit something reluctantly
- Give

Fess up to

- Confess, admit reluctantly to something

Fiddle about

- Waste time doing silly things, or doing things unsuccessfully

Fiddle around

- Waste time doing silly things, or unsuccessul things
- Make small movements with your hands

Fiddle away

- Waste time

Fight back

- Defend yourself, resist an attack
- Try to control and emotion and keep it hidden

Fight it out

- Struggle to see who wins, both by arguing or fighting

Fight off

- Fight an attacker and force them back
- Resist an illness or emotion

Figure on

- Plan, expect

Figure out

- Find the answer to a problem

File away

- Put a document in the correct place for storage in a filing system

Fill in

- Complete a form
- Substitute someone at work

Fill in for

- Substitute

Fill in on

- Give someone information

Fill out

- Complete a form

Fill up

- Fill something completely

Filter in

- Move into a lane of traffic without making other cars stop

Filter out

- Remove something unwanted

Find out

- Discover

Finish off

- Finish completely

Fink on

- Give away secrets about someone

Fink out

- Fail to keep a promise, arrangement, etc

Fire away

- Ask questions

Fire off

- Send quickly, angrily or many (letter, emails, etc)
- Shoot, fire a gun (usually repeatedly)

Fire up

- Start a computer
- Excite, become excited

Firm up

- Make things clearer in a negotiation or discussion

Fish for

- Try to get some information or to get someone to say something

Fish out

- Remove something from a bag, pocket, etc
- Remove from water, such as the sea, rivers, etc

Fit in

- Get on in a group of people
- Have enough time or space for something

Fit into

- Become part of

Fit up

- Frame someone- make them look guilty of something they haven't done
- Provide equipment

Fix up

- Make an arrangement

Fizzle out

- End in an unsuccessful way

Flag down

- Signal at a vehicle to get it to stop

Flag up

- Raise an issue, or highlight its importance

Flake out

- Fall asleep from exhaustion

Flare out

- Get angry suddenly

Flare up

- When trouble suddenly appears

Flesh out

- Add more details or information

Flog off

- Sell something cheaply to get rid of it

Fly about

- Circulate (rumours, etc)

Fly around

- Circulate (rumours, etc)

Fly at

- Attack
- Criticise or shout angrily

Fly by

- When time appears to move quickly

Fly into

- Change emotion quickly

Focus on

- Concentrate

Fold up

- Make a sheet of paper smaller

Fool around

- Not be serious
- Be unfaithful

Freak out

- Become very disturbed or angry

Freshen up

- Wash quickly and improve appearance
- Add more alcohol to a glass before it is empty
- Quickly improve the appearance of something

Front for

- Represent someone, especially when covering illegal or wrongful activities

Front off

- Confront someone and let them know you are prepared to fight

Front onto

- Face (of a building)

Front out

- Face up to someone, withstand criticism

Front up

- Appear somewhere for a short time
- Advance cash for something

Frown on

- Disapprove

Gag for

- Want something a lot

Gang up

- Form a group against something or someone

Gang up on

- Harass, bully

Gear up

- Get ready for a busy period

Geek out

- Talk at length about computing

Get across

- Communicate successfully

Get ahead

- Progress

Get ahead of

- Move in front of

Get along

- Have a good relationship

Get along with

- Have a good relationship with someone

Get around

- Become known

Get around to

- Finally manage to do something

Get at

- Criticise
- Mean

Get away

- Escape
- Go on holiday or for a short break

Get away with

- Not get caught doing something wrong

Get back

- Return

Get back at

- Take revenge

Get back to

- Respond to a contact

Get behind with

- Be late paying instalments for something.

Get by

- Have just enough money to live on

Get down

- Make someone depressed

Get down to

- Start work

Get in

- Arrange for someone to do a job
- Arrive (train, plane, etc.)
- Arrive home
- Enter a car or taxi

Get off

- Escape punishment
- Leave a bus, train, etc.

Get off with

- Have casual sex with

Get on

- Continue doing something
- Enter a bus, train, plane, etc.
- Make progress

Get on with

- Have a good relationship

Get out of

- Avoid doing something you dislike
- Leave a car, van, etc.

Get over

- Recover

Get over with

- Do something unpleasant rather than delaying it any more

Get round (around) to

- Finally manage to do something

Get round (or around)

- Persuade someone

Get through

- Contact
- Consume
- Finish

Get through to

- Make someone understand

Get to

- Annoy, irritate
- Arrive

Get together

- Meet socially

Get up

- Get out of bed
- Organise

Get up to

- Do something wrong or naughty

Give away

- Entrust your daughter to her husband through the marriage ceremony
- Tell a secret

Give back

- Return something you've borrowed

Give in

- Stop doing something because it's too hard or requires too much energy
- Submit homework, etc.

Give of

- Contribute without expecting anything in return

Give off

- Emit pollution or something else unpleasant

Give onto

- Open into a place, for a door or window

Give out

- Distribute
- Stop working
- Have no more of a supply

Give over!

- Stop doing something bad or annoying

Give up

- Stop doing something that had been a habit

Give up on

- Lose faith in or stop believing in something or someone

Give yourself up

- Surrender to the police or authorities

Gloss over

- Try to minimise the importance of something

Go about

- Deal with something

Go after

- Chase, try to get

Go against

- Lose a decision or a verdict of a court

Go ahead

- Proceed

Go along with

- Accept a decision or suggestion

Go back on

- Break a promise

Go by

- The passing of time
- Trust or depend on for correct information

Go down

- Decrease, get smaller
- Sink
- Sunset
- Go to prison

Go down with

- Fall ill

Go for

- Attack
- Be attracted to
- Choose, select

Go forth

- Leave a place

Go in

- Go to hospital for treatment, surgery, etc.

Go in for

- Enter a competition

Go into

- Discuss in some detail
- Enter a profession

Go off

- Explode (bomb), start ringing (alarm)
- Go bad
- Start to dislike

Go on

- Continue
- Happen

Go on about

- Talk too much

Go out

- Stops burning

Go out with

- Have a relationship with

Go over

- Look at something, revise
- Visit

Go through

- Experience
- Read again

Go through with

- Do or complete something you've agreed to

Go under

- Go bankrupt

Go up

- Rise

Go up to

- Approach

Go with

- Combine nicely

Go without

- Not have

Goof around

- Fool around, not be serious

Goof off

- Avoid or leave work

Goof up

- Mess, spoil

Grass up

- Report someone to a person in authority

Grey out

- Disable a function in a computer program, leaving it visible but not working

Grind away

- Keep working at something

Grind down

- Reduce or destroy someone's enthusiasm

Grind out

- Produce something with great difficulty

Grow into

- Grow to fit large clothes

Grow out of

- Grow too large for clothes
- Lose interest as you grow older or become more mature

Grow up

- Mature, become adult

Gun for

- Try to destroy an opponent

Hack around

- Waste time

Hack into

- Break into a computer system

Hack off

- Annoy

Hammer away at

- Work relentlessly

Hammer into

- Repeat something over a period of time to make someone remember it

Hammer out

- Negotiate and reach an agreement

Hand back

- Return

Hand down

- Pass on to the next generation
- Give a formal decision

Hand in

- Submit work for appraisal

Hand on

- Give to someone else
- Transmit knowledge to the next generation

Hand out

- Distribute

Hand over

- Give

Hang around

- Stay in a place

Hang on

- Wait

Hang out

- Spend time socially

Hang up

- End a phone call

Hang up on

- End a phone call with someone

Harp on

- Talk repeatedly about something

Have against

- Dislike, disagree or hold a grudge (Usually negative)

Have around

- Entertain someone in your home

Have down as

- Think of someone or something in a particular way

Have in

- Have a supply of something in a particular place
- Get someone to do some work
- Entertain people in your home

Have it away

- Have sex with someone, especially casual sex

Have it in for

- Hold a grudge

Have it off

- Have sex

Have it out with

- Discuss or argue an issue to improve a situation

Have off

- Take time off work

Have on

- Be wearing
- Have an electronic device switched on
- Have an arrangement
- Tease, deceive
- Be in possession at a particular time
- Know something about someone that could harm them

Have over

- Receive a guest

Have round

- Entertain someone in your home

Have up

- Make someone appear in court

Head for

- Move or travel towards

Head off

- Stop someone or force them to change direction
- Prevent something bad happening
- Leave somewhere to go to another place

Head out

- Go out

Head up

- Be in charge

Heat up

- Make food hot

Help out

- Give assistance

Hit back

- Attack or criticise

Hit for

- Get someone to pay or donate money

Hit it off

- Have a good relationship from the first time you meet a person

Hit it off with

- Like someone from the first time you meet them

Hit on

- Have an idea
- Talk to someone to try to attract them sexually
- Ask for money

Hit out at

- Respond angrily to criticism

Hit up

- Inject drugs
- Ask someone for some money

Hit up on

- Inject drugs

Hit upon

- Have an idea

Hit with

- Surprise someone with some information or news

Hold against

- Have a grudge against someone, or little respect

Hold back

- Not show emotion
- Prevent something moving forwards or progressing
- Not disclose information or make it public

Hold back from

- Not allow yourself to do something

Hold down

- Keep a job
- Stop someone or something from moving

Hold forth

- State your opinions about something, especially when talking for a long time and boringly

Hold off

- When bad weather doesn't appear
- Stop someone from attacking or beating you

Hold on

- Wait
- To hold tightly

Hold on to

- Hold tightly

Hold onto

- Keep as long as possible
- Hold tightly
- Hold tightly

Hold out

- Resist
- Hold in front of you

Hold out against

- Try to reject

Hold out for

- Wait for something better or refuse something now for something better in the future

Hold out on

- Not pay someone or give them information

Hold over

- Delay
- To continue something for longer than planned

Hold together

- Not break up

Hold up

- Delay when travelling
- Rob with violence or threats thereof

Hold with

- Accept (usually negative)

Home in on

- Target

Hone in on

- Target, focus

Hook up

- Meet someone

Hook up to

- Connect to a machine

Horse around

- Not be serious

Hound out

- Force someone out of a place, job, position, etc.

Hunker down

- Settle in a place as comfortably as possible to stay there

Hunt down

- Search for someone to punish or kill them

Hunt out

- Search until you find something

Hunt up

- Search for and manage to find something

Iron out

- Remove small problems or irregularities

Issue forth

- Come out of a place

Jack around

- Make trouble for someone, fail to keep promises

Jack in

- Quit, give up

Jack off

- Masturbate

Jack up

- Raise a car to be able to do mechanical work
- Inject illegal drugs
- Increase sharply

Jam on

- Apply or operate something forcefully

Jaw away

- Talk just for the point of talking rather than having anything to say

Jazz up

- Make something more interesting or attractive

Joke around

- Be funny, or try to

Jot down

- Make a quick note

Juice up

- Make something more exciting or perform better

Jump at

- Accept eagerly

Jump in

- Enter a conversation

Jump on

- Criticize, attack

Keel over

- Turn upside down
- Surrender, give in
- Fall to the ground

Keep around

- Keep something near you

Keep at

- Continue with something difficult

Keep away

- Don't allow someone near something

Keep back

- Maintain a safe distance

Keep down

- Not vomit

Keep from

- Control yourself, refrain

Keep in

- Not allow someone out

Keep off

- Not talk about
- Not tread on something

Keep on

- Continue

Keep out

- Not allow someone to enter

Keep to

- Stay within limits

Keep up

- Not let someone go to bed

Keep up at

- Continue, not quit

Keep up with

- Move at the same rate
- Stay up to date

Key in

- Enter numbers or information into a computer or electronic system

Kick about (around)

- Discuss

Kick around with

- Spend time with

Kick back

- Pay someone illegally as part of the price
- Resist

Kick down

- Break something with your feet

Kick in

- When a drug starts to take effect
- Break something with your feet

Kick off

- Start a game of football
- Die
- When trouble starts
- Argue, protest and refuse to co-operate

Kick out

- Expel

Kick up

- Cause trouble or pain

Knock about

- Beat someone

Knock down

- Demolish
- Hit and injure someone

Knock it off!

- Stop doing something annoying

Knock off

- Finish work for the day

Knock out

- Hit and make somebody unconscious
- Sell, distribute

Knock up

- Become or get someone pregnant.
- Play a bit before a match to get ready

Knuckle down

- Make a great effort

Knuckle under

- Submit to authority

Lap up

- Appreciate something

Large it up

- Have a good time when intoxicated

Lark about

- Behave in a silly way

Lark around

- Behave in a silly way

Lay down

- Establish rules or procedures
- Kill, murder

Lay into

- Criticise angrily

Lay off

- Make an employee redundant

Lay on

- Organise, supply

Lay out

- Spend money

Lead to

- Result in

Leak out

- Become public knowledge

Lean on

- Put pressure on someone to get them to do what you want

Leave on

- Not turn off

Leave out

- Not include

Let down

- Disappoint, fail to keep an arrangement
- Make clothes longer

Let in

- Allow someone to enter

Let off

- Not punish

Let on

- Tell a secret

Let out

- Allow to leave or go out
- Make a sound
- Make clothes bigger

Lie down

- Rest

Lie with

- Have the right to make a decision

Lift off

- Leave the ground- rocket or spaceship

Light up

- Light or start smoking a cigarette
- Illuminate

Lighten up

- Be less serious

Line up

- Arrange in a line
- Arrange something in a line
- Arrange events for someone

Listen out for

- Listen for a particular noise or sound

Live by

- Follow a belief system to guide your behaviour

Live down

- Stop being embarrassed about something

Live for

- Believe something is extremely important

Live in

- Live in the place where you work or study.

Live it up

- Have a good time by spending a lot of money

Live off

- Use money earned

Live on

- Use money for basic necessities
- Not be forgotten

Live out

- Stay somewhere until you die
- Fulfill an ambition or fantasy
- Not live at the place where you study or work

Live through

- Experience different times

Live together

- Have a relationship and live in the same place without marrying

Live up to

- Meet expectations or standards

Live with

- Accept something unpleasant
- Have a relationship and live in the same place without marrying

Load down

- Burden

Load up

- Take illegal drugs
- Fill a machine or vehicle

Load up on

- Consume a lot of something for a particular purpose

Lock up

- Close all doors, windows, etc.

Log in

- Enter a restricted area on a computer system

Log into

- Enter a restricted area of a computer system

Log off

- Exit a computer system

Log on

- Enter a computer system

Log out

- Exit a computer system

Look after

- Take care

Look back

- Think about the past

Look down on

- Have a low opinion of

Look for

- Try to find

Look forward to

- Wait for or anticipate something pleasant

Look in

- Make a quick visit

Look in on

- Visit briefly to see if everything's all right

Look into

- Research, investigate

Look on

- Watch something like a crime without helping

Look on as

- Consider, regard

Look out

- Be careful

Look over

- Inspect

Look round

- Inspect a house

Look to

- Expect, hope

Look up

- Consult a reference work (dictionary, phonebook, etc.) for a specific piece of information.
- Improve
- Find, trace an old friend

Look up to

- Respect

Look upon as

- Consider, regard

Luck out

- Be very lucky

Make do with

- Accept something less satisfactory because there's no alternative

Make for

- Head in a certain direction

Make into

- Change something into something else

Make it

- Arrive or get a result

Make it up to

- Try to compensate for doing something wrong

Make off with

- Steal

Make out

- Make a cheque payable to somebody
- Pretend
- Progress
- Kiss and pet

Make over

- Change appearance

Make up

- Stop being angry with someone
- Put on cosmetics
- Invent a story

Make up for

- Compensate

Make with

- Give (usually used as an imperative)

Mark down

- Give a student a lower grade for a particular reason
- Reduce the price of something

Mark down as

- Consider someone or something to be of a certain group, type, etc.

Mark off

- Tick, cross out or otherwise mark something to show that it has been dealt with

Mark out

- Draw lines to enclose an area

Mark out for

- Show promise for the future

Mark out from

- Stand out because of certain qualities

Mark up

- Increase the price of something

Marry in

- Marry someone of the same ethnicity, religion, etc

Marry out

- Marry someone of a different ethnicity, religion, etc

Mash up

- Crush something until it becomes a paste
- Mix sources of audio, video or other computer sources.
- Break or damage

Meet with

- Have something happen to you

Mess about

- Not be serious, not use something properly

Mess around

- Not be serious, play with something

Mill around

- Walk around without going anywhere

Mix up

- Confuse
- Make something lively

Monkey about (around)

- Not be serious

Mooch about (around)

- Spend time doing little or nothing

Mop up

- Resolve a problem
- Kill or capture the last few enemy soldiers after a victory.
- Eat a sauce with bread to finish it
- Remove a liquid that has been spilt

Mope about (around)

- Move around being miserable

Mount up

- Increase over time

Mouth off

- Speak angrily about something

Move on

- Change the subject or your job
- Make people move from a place

Mug up

- Study quickly, revise

Mug up on

- Study something quickly, revise

Mull over

- Think about an issue or problem

Muscle in

- Become involved in something when your involvement is not wanted

Muscle in on

- Become involved in something despite opposition to your involvement

Muscle into

- Become involved even though there is opposition to your involvement

Muscle out

- Use power, contacts, etc, to force someone out

Naff off

- Get lost, go away (used as imperative)

Nag at

- Repeatedly criticise someone verbally

Nail down

- Succeed in getting, achieve
- Understand fully
- Get full information from someone

Name after

- Give someone a name to remember another person

Nip off

- Go somewhere quickly

Nip out

- Go somewhere quickly

Nod off

- Fall asleep

Nose about (around)

- Look for something hidden or secret

Note down

- Write something short like a phone number for future reference.

Nut out

- Find an answer to a problem

Occur to

- Enter one's mind

Open up

- Start to talk freely about something
- Open a shop or business for the day
- Allow goods into a market

Opt for

- Choose

Opt out

- Choose not to be part of something

Owe to

- Be the reason for something

Own up

- Confess

Pack away

- Put something where it belongs

Pack in

- Stop doing something
- End a relationship
- Fill a venue
- Break down, stop working

Pack it in

- Stop doing something (used as an imperative)

Pack off

- Send someone away

Pack out

- Fill a venue

Pack up

- Stop doing something
- Finish work
- Break down, stop working
- Collect things and put them where you keeep them

Palm off

- Get someone to accept something that isn't undefined
- Pretent something is better than it is iin order to sell it

Pan out

- The way a situation develops

Paper over

- Try to conceal a problem without really fixing it

Pass around

- Give out to everybody there

Pass as

- Be believed to be something

Pass away

- Die

Pass by

- Go past without stopping
- Visit briefly
- Miss an opportunity

Pass for

- Be accepted as something, usually when not

Pass off

- Convince something that something is real
- Happen in a certain way

Pass on

- Give a message to someone
- Decline an invitation or opportunity
- Die

Pass out

- Faint, lose consciousness

Pass over

- Ignore someone and give a job, reward, etc, to someone more junior

Pass through

- Visit a place without stopping or only stopping briefly

Pass to

- Give ownership or responsibility to someone

Pass up

- Decline a chance

Patch up

- Fix or make things better

Pay back

- Repay money borrowed
- Take revenge on

Pay for

- Purchase

Pay into

- Deposit money

Pay off

- Completely repay a debt
- Produce a profitable or successful result

Peck at

- Eat very small amounts

Peg away

- Keep working at something

Peg down

- Fasten something to the ground

Peg it

- Die

Peg out

- Put washing outside to dry
- Die

Pencil in

- Make a provisional appointment

Perk up

- Feel better or happier, make someone feel better or happier

Peter out

- Lose impetus and stop

Phase in

- Introduce gradually

Phase out

- Remove gradually

Pick at

- Eat unwillingly

Pick off

- Target individuals to change a group

Pick out

- Choose
- Identify from a picture

Pick up

- Improve
- Learn quickly

Pig off

- Used to tell someone to get lost or leave you alone

Pig out

- Eat a lot

Pile up

- Accumulate

Pin down

- Get a fixed idea, opinion, etc, from someone.

Pine away

- Suffer physically because of grief, stress, worry, etc

Pipe down

- Be quiet (often as an imperative)

Pipe up

- To speak, raise your voice

Pitch in

- Work together to help achieve an objective

Play along

- Pretend to agree or accept something in order to keep someone happy or to get more information

Play around

- Be silly

Play at

- Pretend to be something

Play away

- Be sexually unfaithful when away from home

Play back

- Listen to or watch something you've recorded

Play down

- Try to make something seem less important

Play off

- Play a game to decide who the winner is
- Make people compete against each other so that you benefit

Play on

- Continue playing a sport though there might be a reason to stop
- Continue playing music
- Exploit a weakness
- Pun

Play out

- Progress, often till it finishes
- Pretend that something is real and reduce its effect
- Play something to the end

Play up

- Behave badly

Play up to

- Flatter someone

Play upon

- Exploit a weakness

Play with

- Touch and move something to occupy your hands
- Not eat much of a meal
- Consider something, but not seriously

Plead out

- Plead guilty to get a reduced sentence or fine

Plug in

- Connect machines to the electricity supply

Plump for

- Choose

Point out

- Make someone aware of something

Polish off

- Finish, consume

Polish up

- Improve something quickly

Pop in

- Visit for a short time

Pop off

- Talk loudly, complain
- Go out for a short time

Pop out

- Go out for a short time

Pop up

- Appear, like windows and boxes opening on a computer screen.
- Appear unexpectedly

Potter about (around)

- Spend time doing little things for pleasure

Pour down

- Rain hard

Pour forth

- Emerge from a place in large numbers

Prattle on

- Talk too much

Press ahead

- Continue with something

Press on

- Continue with something

Price up

- Charge more for something

Print out

- Make a hard copy of a computer document

Prop up

- Support something, both physically and financially, politically, etc.

Psych out

- Work out or anticipate someone's intentions
- Make someone less confident

Psych up

- Prepare someone mentally

Pull ahead

- Overtake, move in front

Pull apart

- Destroy an argument, theory, etc
- Stop people or animals fighting
- Make someone unhappy or upset

Pull away

- When a vehicle moves from a place

Pull down

- Demolish

Pull in

- When a train arrives at a station
- Attract
- Stop a car by the side off the road

Pull off

- Manage to do something difficult or tricky

Pull on

- Put clothes on

Pull over

- Stop by the side of the road

Pull up

- Slow and stop a car
- Inform someone that they are wrong

Push in

- Get in a queue without waiting

Put away

- Put something back in the correct place
- Put someone in prison

Put back

- Rearrange something for a later time

Put by

- Save for the future

Put down

- Kill an animal because it's old, ill, etc.

Put in

- Install

Put in for

- Make a request

Put off

- Postpone
- Stop liking something or somebody

Put on

- Get fat

Put out

- Broadcast
- Disturb or trouble someone
- Extinguish a cigarette, fire, etc.

Put through

- Connect someone by phone

Put towards

- Make a financial contribution

Put up

- Allow someone to stay at your house for a night or a few days.
- Increase prices, taxes, duties, etc.

Put up with

- Tolerate

Quieten down

- Fall silent

Rack up

- Acquire a lot of something

Rain down on

- Fall in large numbers

Rake it in

- Make a lot of money

Rake up

- Bring something back to people's attention

Ramp up

- Increase price, speed or power of something

Rat on

- Inform authorities about someone's wrongdoings
- Fail to keep a promise

Rat through

- Look for something hurriedly

Rat out

Ratchet up

- Increase

Rattle off

- Quote figures rapidly

Read off

- Read a list aloud for someone to write down

Read out

- Read aloud rather than silently

Read up on

- Research

Reckon on

- The minimum expected

Reel in

- Catch a fish on a line and pull the line to land
- Attract people, especially customers, to get them to do what you want them to

Reel off

- Quote statistics or facts rapidly
- Score a lot of points or win a lot of games one after the other

Reel out

- Unwind

Rein in

- Control someone or comething to stop them causing more trouble

Ring back

- Return a phonecall

Ring off

- Finish a phone conversation

Ring up

- Telephone

Rip off

- Charge excessively or obtain money unfairly

Roll back

- Retreat
- Reduce or remove

Roll in

- Arrive somewhere, especially if late
- Arrive in large numbers, for military vehicles

Roll on

- When something continues to happen

Roll on!

- Said when you can't wait for something nice in the future

Roll out

- Launch or introduce a new product, initiative, etc.

Roll up

- To appear in large numbers for an event

Roll up!

- An imperative used to attract people to a public event

Romp in

- Win easily

Romp through

- Do something easily or quickly

Room in

- To keep a mother and baby together after the birth

Root around

- Look in place to try to find something

Root for

- Support

Root out

- Look for and find

Root up

- Dig a plant out of the ground

Rope in

- Get somebody to help

Rough up

- Assault

Round off

- Finish something in a satisfactory manner

Row back

- Retreat from a position

Rub it in

- Emphasise how bad a situation is to make someone feel worse

Rule out

- Exclude a possibility

Run across

- Meet or find accidentally

Run away

- Escape from people chasing you

Run down

- Hit a pedestrian with a vehicle
- Lose energy or power

Run for

- Campaign for a position

Run into

- Cost
- Meet by accident

Run off

- Make photocopies

Run on

- Be powered by

Run out of

- Have none left

Run over

- Explain quickly
- Hit with a vehicle

Run through

- Practise a dramatic work like a play quickly
- Stab or wound deeply with a knife, sword, etc.

Rush into

- Do something too quickly

Sag off

- Not go to school or work, or leave early when you shouldn't

Sail into

- Criticise angrily

Sail through

- Pass easily, succeed

Sally forth

- Leave somewhere safe or comfortable

Sally out

- Leave somewhere safe or comfortable

Salt away

- Save money

Save on

- Reduce or avoid consumption to cut costs

Save up

- For money for a particular purpose
- Collect or store something for future use

Scare away

- Frighten someone some much that they go away

Scare off

- Make someone so frightened that he or she away

Scrape along

- Manage with little money

Scrape by

- Just manage to pass something

Scrape in

- Just get enough to succeed, pass or be accepted

Scrape into

- Be accepted somewhere, but only just

Scrape through

- Pass a test but only just

Scrape together

- Manage to collect enough of something you need, usually money

Scrape up

- Manage to collect enough of something you need, usually money

Screw around

- Waste time

Screw up

- Do badly or fail

See into

- Accompany someone into an office

See off

- Chase somebody or something away
- Go to the airport, station, etc., to say goodbye to someone

See out

- Accompany a guest to your front door when they are leaving your house

See through

- Continue with something to the end
- Realise someone is lying or being deceitful

See to

- Deal with something

Sell off

- Sell a business or part of it
- Sell something cheaply because you need the money or don't need it

Sell on

- Convince someone
- Buy something then sell it to someone else

Sell out

- Have no more of something left because it has been bought
- Lose all artistic integrity in return for commercial success

Sell up

- Sell a house or business to move somewhere or do something different

Send back

- Return something

Send for

- Ask someone to come and help

Send in

- Order people into a place to handle a problem
- Write to get information

Send off

- Expel a sports player from a match
- Post a letter

Send off for

- Order something by post

Send out

- Send something to a lot of people

Send out for

- Order takeaway food by phone

Set about

- Start doing something

Set aside

- Overturn a court verdict or decision

Set back

- Cost

Set forth

- State or outline an opinion
- Start a journey

Set in

- Change season noticeably

Set off

- Explode a bomb
- Ring an alarm
- Start a journey
- Counterbalance a debt

Set out

- Display, show
- Start a journey

Set up

- Prepare equipment, software, etc., for use
- Start a company

Settle down

- Start living a fixed and routine life

Settle for

- Accept whatever is available

Settle in

- Get used to

Settle on

- Agree

Settle up

- Pay a debt

Sex up

- Change information to make it more attractive to the reader or listener

Shack up

- Live with someone when you are in a relationship.
- Live somewhere temporarily

Shake down

- Search
- Extort or cheat money from someone

Shake off

- Get rid of an illness

Shell out

- Spend money on something, especially when you think it's too expensive

Shoot back

- Return quickly

Shoot off

- Leave promptly and quickly

Shoot out

- Go out for a short time

Shoot up

- Increase quickly

Shop around

- Look around for the best price, quality, etc.

Show around

- Take someone to a place to show them certain parts

Show in

- Take someone into an office or other room

Show off

- Behave in a way so as to attract attention
- Display something you are proud of
- Make the qualities of another thing more apparent

Show out

- Take someone to out of a room or building

Show over

- Take someone around a site

Show round

- Take someone to a place to show them certain parts

Show through

- When a feeling can be seen despite attempts to conceal it

Show up

- Attend something or arrive somewhere
- Become clear or apparent
- Make someone feel embarrassed or ashamed

Shut away

- Imprison or remove someone's freedom

Shut down

- Close a business, shop, etc.
- Turn a computer off

Shut in

- Prevent someone from leaving

Shut off

- Close, prevent access

Shut out

- Exclude

Shut out of

- Exclude someone from an activity, etc

Shut up

- Stop talking or making noise
- Close for a period of time

Shut yourself away

- Withdraw from company

Shy away from

- Avoid doing something because you lack confidence

Side with

- Support someone

Sift through

- Examine a lot of things carefully

Sign away

- Give away legal or property rights

Sign for

- Write a signature on behalf on someone

Sign in

- Register in a hotel
- Open a computer program that requires a name and password
- Write your name when entering a place

Sign into

- Open a particular computer program that requires a name and password

Sign off

- End a message
- Close a claim for unemployment benefit
- Stop doing something to leave
- Give someone a letter to be away from work

Sign on

- Open a claim for unemployment benefit
- Agree to participate
- Start broadcasting
- Employ

Sign on with

- Sign a document joining or agreeing to something

Sign out

- Close a computer program that requires a name and password
- Sign something to show you have borrowed something

Sign out of

- Close a particular computer program that requires a name and password

Sign up

- Give your name to do something
- Subscribe

Sign with

- Make a contract with

Sink in

- Slowly come to be understood

Sit about

- Sit and do nothing, especially when you should be working

Sit around

- Sit idly, doing nothing

Sit back

- Wait for something to happen without making any effort
- Relax in a chair

Sit by

- Not try to stop something

Sit down

- Help someone to sit

Sit for

- Pose for an artist or photographer
- Look after children while their parents are out

Sit in

- Occupy a building to protest about something

Sit in for

- Take on someone's responsibilities while they are absent

Sit in on

- Attend as an observer

Sit on

- Be on a committee
- To handle somebody firmly who behaves impertinently, conceitedly
- Hold information back or keep it secret

Sit out

- Not take part

Sit over

- Eat or drink slowly

Sit through

- Stay till the end of something dull

Sit with

- Reconcile different positions

Size up

- Assess a situation or person carefully.
- Make something bigger or produce bigger products

Skive off

- Avoid doing work or other duty

Slag off

- Criticise heavily

Sleep off

- Sleep in order to recover from excess alcohol, drugs, etc.

Sleep on

- Think about something

Sleep over

- Spend the night at someone else's house

Sleep through

- Not wake up

Slip out

- Leave discreetly

Slip up

- Make an error

Slope off

- Leave somewhere without letting others know

Slow down

- Reduced speed

Slow up

- Slow the progress of something

Smack of

- Appear to have a negative quality

Smash down

- Demolish or break something down

Smash in

- Break something by hitting it repeatedly

Smash up

- Destroy, break into many pieces

Snap off

- Break a piece off something

Snap up

- Get, acquire or buy something quickly

Sniff around

- Look around to see how good something is or to try to find something better

Sniff at

- Disapprove or be scornful

Sniff out

- Find something be smell (usually for dogs)
- Find out information, especially when people don't want anyone to know

Sober up

- Stop showing the effects of alcohol or drugs

Soldier on

- Continue even when things get difficult

Sort out

- Resolve a problem

Sound off

- To express your opinions forcefully

Sound out

- Check what someone thinks about an issue, idea, etc.

Spark off

- Cause something, usually unpleasant, to happen

Spark up

- Light a cigarette or joint

Speak out

- Talk openly and freely

Speak up

- Talk more loudly

Spell out

- Explain something in great detail

Spit it out

- An informal way of telling someone to say something they are unwilling to say

Spit out

- Say something angrily

Split up

- Divide into groups
- Finish a relationship

Spur on

- Encourage someone to continue

Squeeze up

- Get more people into a space than normal or comfortable

Stamp out

- Get rid of something

Stand about (around)

- Spend time in a place waiting or doing nothing or very little

Stand aside

- Leave a position so that someone else can take it

Stand back

- Keep a distance from something
- Try to understand something by taking a different perspective

Stand by

- Support someone
- Be ready and waiting for something to happen

Stand down

- Leave a job or position so that someone else can take it
- Finish being asked questions in a court

Stand for

- Accept or tolerate behaviour
- The words represented by certain initials

Stand in for

- Substitute someone temporarily

Stand out

- Be extraordinary and different

Stand up

- Move from a sitting or lying down to a vertical position

Stand up for

- Defend, support

Stand up to

- Keep your principles when challenged by an authority
- Resist damage

Start off

- Make something start
- Begin life, a career or existence
- Begin a journey
- Make someone laugh

Start off on

- Help someone to start a piece or work or activity

Start on

- Begin to use or consume
- Criticise angrily

Start on at

- Criticise or nag

Start out

- Begin a journey

Start out as

- Begin life, existence or a career

Start out to

- Intend, plan

Start over

- Begin something again

Start up

- Open a business
- Begin, especially sounds
- When an engine starts working
- Make an engine work
- Sit or stand upright because someone has surprised you

Stay in

- Not go out

Stay on

- Remain longer than anticipated

Stay out

- Not go home

Stay over

- Stay overnight

Stay up

- Not go to bed

Steer clear of

- Avoid

Step aside

- Leave a job or position so that someone else can take over

Step back

- Look at something from a different perspective

Step down

- Leave a job or position so that someone can take over

Step forward

- Offer help

Step in

- Get involved by interrupting something

Step on it

- An imperative used to tell someone to go faster, especially when driving

Step out

- Leave a place for a very short time

Step up

- Increase

Stick it to

- Criticise someone

Stick to

- Not change

Stick up for

- Support or defend

Stir up

- Make trouble for someone else

Stitch up

- Sew something so that it is closed
- Finalise a deal
- Cheat someone or make them look guilty when they aren't

Stop around (round)

- Visit someone for a short time.

Stop back

- Return somewhere

Stop behind

- Stay somewhere when other people leave

Stop by

- Visit somewhere briefly or quickly

Stop in

- Stay at home
- Visit briefly

Stop off

- Break a journey

Stop out

- Be out late, especially when you are expected home

Stop over

- Stay somewhere when on a journey

Stop up

- Stay up late
- Fill or block something

Storm off

- Leave a place angrily

Storm out

- Leave a place angrily

String along

- Deceive someone for a long time
- Accompany someone because you haven't got anything better to do

String out

- Make something last as long as possible

String together

- Put words together into a coherent text

String up

- Hang somebody

Stub out

- Extinguish a cigarette

Stumble across

- Find something accidentally

Stumble upon

- Find something accidentally

Stump up

- Pay for something

Suck in

- Become involved in something unpleasant

Suck into

- Become involved in something unpleasant

Suck up to

- Ingratiate yourself with someone

Sum up

- Summarise

Summon up

- Get the energy or courage to do something

Suss out

- Come to understand

Swear by

- Have great confidence in

Sweep through

- Pass easily, succeed
- Move quickly through

Syphon off

- Take business, support or votes from someone
- Divert money illegally

Tack on

- Add something that wasn't planned

Tack onto

- Add or attach something that wasn't planned to something

Tail away

- Become silent or inaudible

Tail back

- Form a traffic jam

Tail off

- Become silent or inaudible
- Decrease

Take after

- Lookk like, resemble

Take apart

- Take something to pieces

Take aside

- Get someone alone to talk to them

Take away

- Remove

Take back

- Make someone nostalgic
- Retract a statement, admit that something was wrong

Take down

- Make notes or write down in full
- Remove

Take in

- Absorb information
- Deceive
- Make clothes smaller

Take it


- Accept criticism

Take it out on

- Abuse someone because you're angry

Take off

- Make great progress
- Reduce the price of an item
- When a plane departs or leaves the grounnd

Take on

- Allow passengers on a ship or plane
- Assume a responsibility
- Employ

Take out

- Borrow aa library book
- Borrow money from a bank or other official lender
- Extract or remove
- Go out sociallyy with someone, especially a date
- Obtain insurance
- Kill, murder

Take over

- Assume control of a company or organisation

Take to

- Make a habit of something

Take up

- Fill or occupy time or space
- Make clothes shorter
- Start a new hobby, pastime, etc.

Talk back

- Respond rudely to a person in authority

Talk down

- Try to make something sound less important

Talk down to

- Talk in a way to show your superiority not communicate

Talk into

- Persuade someone to do something

Talk out of

- Persuade someone not to do something

Talk over

- Discuss

Talk through

- Guide someone through an issue

Talk up

- Make something appear more important or significant than it really is

Tap for

- Get money off someone

Tap into

- Use or exploit a plentiful resource for your benefit

Tap off with

- Have sex

Tap out

- Play a rhythm quietly

Tap up

- Approach a footballer illegally to get them to change teams

Tear apart

- Disturb or upset greatly

Tear at

- Pull or try to pull something to pieces

Tear away

- Stop someone doing something unwillingly
- Remove a surface violently

Tear down

- Demolish

Tear into

- Criticise strongly or angrily

Tear off

- Remove part of a form or letter using your hands, not scissors
- Leave at high speed
- Remove with fforce

Tear up

- Rip into pieces
- Destroy

Tell apart

- See a difference between two things

Tell off

- Chide; talk angrily to someone about something they've done wrong.

Tell on

- Report someone to an authority

Think over

- Consider something carefully

Think through

- Consider all the possibilities and outcomes of a situation

Think up

- Create or invent something, especially when lying

Throw away

- Discard something when no longer needed

Throw out

- Get rid of

Throw up

- Vomit

Tick away

- Pass (of time)

Tick by

- Pass (of time)

Tick off

- Annoy
- Scold

Tick over

- Continue working, but without improving
- Operate but without moving (engines)

Tide over

- Use something carefully so as not to finish it

Tidy up

- Put things in the correct place in a room

Tie up

- Tie or fasten something securely

Tighten up

- Make something more secure or function better

Tip off

- Secretly inform the police or authorities

Tip over

- Spill, make something fall on its side

Tire of

- Get bored of something

Tire out

- Make someone exhausted

Toddle off

- Leave, go home

Tone down

- Make something sound more moderate

Tool up

- Provide equipment
- Arm yourself or somebody

Top off

- Finish something in a special way

Top out

- Stop increasing, reach the highest point

Top up

- Refill something that isn't empty yet

Touch down

- Land (planes)

Touch for

- Borrow money

Touch off

- Cause a problem to occur

Touch on

- Mention

Touch up

- Improve the appearance of something
- Touch someone in a sexual way

Touch upon

- Mention

Toy at

- Pretend to think about or think about in a casual way

Toy over

- Think about something

Toy with

- Not eat much of a meal
- Consider something, but not very seriously
- Move or play with something to occupy yoour hands

Track down

- Find after a long search

Trade down

- Sell something and replace it with something cheaper

Trade in

- Exchange something old as part of the price of something new
- Leave your wife or husband to marry someone younger

Trade off

- Bargain, make a deal or compromise
- Accept something you don't really want to get something you do want

Trade on

-Exploit, use something to your advantage

Trade up

- Buy larger or more expensive items
- Leave your wife or husband and marry sommeone better looking, richer, etc

Trade upon

- Exploit, use to your advantage

Trickle down

- Pass benefits from economic expansion through the economy to the less fortunate

Trot out

- Make a statement (meant negatively)

Trump up

- Charge or accuse someone falsely

Try back

- Phone back

Try for

- Make an attempt to get something

Try it on

- Provoke someone by being annoying or behaving badly
- Attempt to get something, usually by deceit, without great hopes of success

Try on

- Put clothes on to see if they fit

Try out

- Test
- Test something to see if you like it or want to buy it

Try out for

- Be tested for a sports team

Tune in

- Watch or listen to a TV or radio show

Tune in to

- Watch or listen to a TV or radio programme

Tune out

- Ignore, not pay attention

Tune up

- Improve the performance of a machine or engine
- Tune a musical instrument before playing

Turn against

- Stop liking and start disliking

Turn away

- Not allow someone to enter a place

Turn down

- Reduce volume, temperature, etc.
- Reject an offer, invitation, etc.

Turn in

- Go to bed

Turn into

- Become

Turn off

- Stop a machine

Turn on

- Cause someone to feel attraction or pleasure
- Start a machine
- Attack

Turrn out

- Produce
- Produce an unexpected result
- Stop a light
- Attend

Turn over

- Give too the authorities

Turn to

- Try to get help
- Take up a habit

Turn up

- Appear
- Increase volume, temperature, etc.

Type up

- Type a finished version

Use up

- Finish or consume all of something

Veg out

- Relax, do nothing

Venture forth

Wade in

- Start something or get involved, often without thinking or to forcefully
- Attack

Wade into

- Become embroiled or involved in a situation, without thinking or planning usually

Wade through

- Get to the end of something with difficulty

Wait about

- Wait somewhere doing nothing

Wait around

- Wait somewhere doing nothing

Wait behind

- Stay somewhere after other people have left

Wait in

- Stay at home because someone is going to visit

Wait on

- Serve people in a restaurant
- Sell goods in a shop
- Provide someeone with everything they need or want
- Wait for a result before being able to make a decision

Wait out

- Wait till something has finished, usually something unpleasant

Wait up

- Not go to bed because you are waiting

Wait up!

- Stop (imperative)

Wait upon

- Provide someone with what they require
- Wait for a result before being able to make a decision

Wake up

- Stop sleeping

Walk away from

- Leave something you don't like

Walk away with

- Win easily

Walk in on

- Enter somewhere unexpectedly and see something

Walk into

- Get work without effort

Walk off

- Go for a walk to reduce the effects of an illness or bad feeling

Walk off with

- Win easily
- Take something without permission or steeal

Walk on

- Continue walking

Walk out

- Leave work because of a dispute with the management
- Leave a place angrily or because you aree not satisfied

Walk out on

- Leave somebody angrily

Walk up

- Go to someone

Want out

- Want to leave a relationship or arrangement

Warm up

- Do exercises before a sport

Wash away

- When floods or waves completely remove a structure, building, etc.

Wash down

- Drink in order to swallow something solid

Wash out

- Rain so heavily that an event has to be cancelled

Wash over

- Suddenly experience a strong emotion

Wash up

- Clean everything used to prepare food and eat it
- When something in the sea or river is left on the shore or bank

Watch out

- Be careful (imperative)

Watch out for

- Be careful of something

Watch over

- Keep an eye on something or someone to check that there's no trouble

Water down

- Make something weaker and less effective

Wear away

- Erode, remove gradually

Wear down

- Make something weaker

Wear off

- Stop having an effect

Wear out

- Use something until it stops working

Weed out

- Remove, get rid of

Weigh in

- Have a certain weight (in sports like boxing)
- Enter an argument forcefully

Weigh up

- Assess

Whip out

- Remove quickly

Whisk away

- Take to another place quickly

White out

- Use correction fluid to cover a mistake in a written text

Wimp out

- Not be brave enough to do something

Wind down

- Relax

Wind up

- Close a company because it's unprofitable
- Tighten the spring in a watch or clock tto make it work
- Irritate someone or increase their stress level, especially if done deliberately

Winkle out

- Find or get something that takes a great deal of effort

Wipe out

- Make someone very tired
- Kill all of a population, make extinct

Wire up

- Make electrical connections

Wise up

- Stop being stupid

Word up

- Give someone information, advice

Work off

- Exercise to remove stress or weight

Work on

- Improve or develop

Work out

- End nicely
- Find the answer or solution

Wrap up

- Cover in paper
- Dress warmly
- Finish

Write down

- Make notes

Write in

- Send a letter to a TV station, etc.

Write off

- Destroy a car in an accident

Write out

- Write something completely

Write up

- Make complete written version

Yield to

- Surrender

Zero in on

- Direct or focus attention on
- Head for, move towards

Zero out

- Cut off funding for a project
- Reduce to zero, cancel, remove

Zip around

- Move quickly

Zip by

- Pass quickly

Zip up

- Keep quiet

Zone out

- Not pay attention
- Dissociate yourself from a situation


Zonk out

- Fall asleep

Zoom in

- Focus more closely

Zoom in on

- Focus more closely

Zoom off

- Go somewhere quickly

Zoom out

- Focus less closely

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