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I am Ukraine

In Memory of victims in Mariupol
Wyświetlenia: 726 Zamieszczono 28/01/2015

In Memory of victims in Mariupol
Today in Ukraine there is an undeclared war. In the East of еру country people are killed every day. Someone may say “this is war” and it cannot be in another way. It may be so. The man can get used to everything. The daily reports from military operations area have already become typical for Ukrainians. The same situation is with messages about the Russian presence in Donbas and about so-called “humanitarian escorts” from Russia, after which bombardments on Ukrainian military positions, towns and villages become more intensive. It is possible to get used to everything - to permanent fear, to danger, to bombardments. But it’s impossible to get used to deliberate and cold-blooded shooting of civilians! It’s impossible to apprehend the information about death of children!
There is a murderer behind each death, the murderer who came with arms on Ukrainian territory. And it’s not important with what purpose he pulls the trigger or launching rockets from MLRS. No DPRs or LPRs are worth human lives.
On January 7, 2015 the world was shocked with cruel killing of employees of the French editorial staff magazine Charlie Hebdo. Whole world is seemed to tell to terrorists “Je suis Charlie” and to rise to protect the freedom of speech.
Today in Ukraine we see how armed Russia-supported guerrillas shoot down civilians and escape punishment!
Similarly to the French protest action “Je suis Charlie” Ukrainian people initiated their own action named “I am Volnovakha” that then became “I am Donetsk” and “I am Mariupol”. Now, this action may be named “I am Ukraine”.

Ukrainians want the whole civilized world to hear and see that Ukraine deals not with civil militia, but with terrorists supported, supplied and financed by Russia.

Here are their crimes:
On January 13, 2015 it was Volnovakha
As a result of check-point bombardment near the town of Volnovakha 13 people were killed, 16 were wounded, 3 died in hospital. Among victims there were basically women, the fourteen-year girl and one man.

OSCE drone made this picture from the tragedy site near Volnovakha. It helped to determine the direction of bombardment and became evidence of guerrillas’ guilt.

January 22, 2015, 9 a.m., the city of Donetsk
The trolleybus stop in Lenin district of Donetsk was shelled. Splinters struck boiler-house roof, private houses, damaged the car and punched the trolleybus. Victims’ bodies are in salon and on the ground of the stop. The tragedy in Donetsk occurred in the morning, in the densely populated area. People were waiting for transport to get to work. Nearby the tram stood. It is also punched by splinters, its woman-driver wounded. Nearby the burnt car, its driver killed. Victims of attack were found even on other side of the road. The result of this terror attack - 15 civilian people killed.

In OSCE Special Monitoring Mission spot report it is said that “on arrival at the scene 20 minutes later, the SMM observed a trolleybus which had been hit by shrapnel and a burnt-out car 20m away, also hit by shrapnel. All windows in the trolleybus were shattered and tyres punctured. The SMM observed seven dead bodies, three females, three males and one of indeterminate gender. Three of the bodies were in the bus, three in close proximity to the bus – the furthest approximately 25m away – and one in the burnt-out car”. “The SMM observed two craters. One of them, 8m north-east of the bus, had a depth of 5cm and a diameter of 1.5m. The other, 150m south-east of the bus, had a depth of 15cm and a diameter of 1.8m. At 11:00hrs the SMM conducted a crater analysis on both craters, and determined that the rounds that caused the two craters had been fired from a north-western direction. The SMM also determined that the weapon(s) used was most likely either a mortar or an artillery piece”.
To that moment there were no destructions in the district. Also, it’s known that Ukrainian Armed Forces positions are at 15 km distance from the shelling site.
January 24, 2015, 9.15 a.m., the city of Mariupol
Guerrillas shelled East district of the city of Mariupol with MLRS. The area of Olimpiiska Street was attacked (8.5 km from city centre and about 400 meters from Ukrainian check point).
The number of victims reached 30 people, 2 of which are children, 102 people were wounded. The cars, about 50 houses, city market, shops, supermarkets, 4 schools and 2 kindergartens were blasted.

OSCE Special Monitoring Mission experts counted 19 rocket attacks, but they assumed there could be more. They examined a shell-hole and concluded that the attacks were made by MLRS Grad and Uragan. Grad missiles were launched from North-East, near Oktyabr’ town, 19 kilometers from Olimpiiska Street and Uragan missiles – from East, near Zaichenko town, 15 kilometers from Olimpiiska Street. Both those towns are under control of separatists.

Security Service of Ukraine intercepted conversation of DPR terrorist leaders who planned Mariupol shelling:
Mariupol was always the Ukrainian city. Its people were always committed to united Ukraine. In summer 2014, when Russian forces approached city limits Mariupol inhabitants took to the streets to demonstrate against “Russian protection”. To resist Russian intrusion they began to build defenses and declared that they would protect their city and their country. Patriotic spirit of these people prevented the advance of Russian aggression. And today pro-Kremlin terrorist in the paroxysm of impotent rage shelled peaceful quarters of Mariupol with Grad and Uragan missiles.

It is impossible to understand the things that happened in Ukrainian cities of Volnovakha, Donetsk and Mariupol in recent days!
Terrorism in Ukraine has gone far beyond Lugansk and Donetsk regions. During last several months terrorist groups, trained by Russian special services, organized attacks in Odessa, Kharkov, Kherson. One attempt was prevented in Kiev. Ukrainians are being bullied and habituated to live in dread.
Today, Ukraine became the European outpost to take the main terroristic strike. People of civilized countries should demand their governments to support Ukraine fighting with Russia face to face! It is urgent to recognize DPR and LPR as terroristic organizations, and Russia – as a terrorism supporting state. Only in recent days Ukrainian border was crossed by five battalion tactic groups from Russia.
It is necessary to implement more severe sanctions against Russia. Together we can stop the aggressor! International society must do its best to stop the undeclared war against Ukraine.
If we are unable to stop the war on Ukrainian territory soon actions like “I am Volnovakha” will turn into “I am Ukraine” and then “I am Europe”!
As known, TERRORISM has no nationality, no borders. Everybody must remember that! Including those, who already forgot about Malaysian Boeing 777 shot down not far from Donetsk.
Altogether we must say to Russia: TERRORISM SHALL NOT PASS!

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"Mariupol was always the Ukrainian city."

Ok, let's get it straight:

Mariupol - Linguistic profile (2002 Census)

Language spoken
at home ................population ....(%)

ussian ...............457,931....... 89.64
Ukrainian ......... 50,656 .. .... 9.92
Greek .................1,046 ... .... 0.20
Armenian ............

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