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Criminal regime comes to Europe with its flagitious exhibition

Russian propaganda has descended to discourtesy, infamy and mercilessness.
Wyświetlenia: 529 Zamieszczono 30/04/2015

In Moscow, in “Ukraina” hall there was an exhibition held entitled “Material evidence. Donbass. 365 days.” The whole scenes of combat actions taking place on the East of Ukraine were reconstructed with a disgusting and shocking naturalism. For instance, exhibited were pieces of disrupted houses, apartments and even classrooms, as well as remnants of surgery garnished with extremely realistic dummy hands and mannequins with their guts exposed to public. There was also a bloodstained room full of stretches with wounded people on them and a little bit farther there were basements that served as a hideout for exhausted oldsters. Visitors were offered to admire the sufferings and death, destructions and corpses… Moreover, the exhibition was free of charge. Here one could notice young maids, lounging about licking ice-creams, scholars taking photos on the back of chilling showpieces decorated with the flags of terroristic states – DPR and LPR, meanwhile Ukrainian national flag and emblem were lying on the floor.

This exhibition is a one more manifestation of filthy Russian propaganda and anti-Ukrainian hysteria insistently enkindled by Russian authorities within their state. It would be beneath consideration but for two important facts. First of all, this so-called exposition was planned to be exhibited abroad, in large European cities and capitals, namely in Berlin and Paris. Put it in another way, Russia tends to export its propagandistic fakes and pour tons of deceitful fables, rancor and barbarity on the minds and souls of civilized citizens of Europe. Secondly, exhibition managers have cynically breached a range of provisions of international law and bilateral agreements with Ukraine. Furthermore, they have violated Russian laws as well. This exhibition has clearly anti-Ukrainian nature. Showpieces deliberately and ruthlessly demonstrate disrespect towards Ukrainian national symbols. All the showpieces were illegally delivered from the Ukrainian territory, however Russia during various international forums has affirmed that it provided a steady control of the patches of Russian-Ukraine border beyond the control of Ukrainian government. On this basis, Russian officials declare that no international monitoring of these patches is required. Nevertheless, managers themselves have confirmed that they delivered a number of rather bulky pieces from Ukraine to Moscow, including stela with an inscription “Debaltsevo” engraved on it, which transportation demanded involvement of dozens of workers and special vehicles. Besides among showpieces are bullet-riddled minibus, crumpled road signs etc.

Last year Russian propaganda created a huge deal of materials concerning atrocities allegedly committed by so-called Ukrainian junta. Russian TV channels broadcasted evidently false and absurd stories about Ukrainian soldiers crucifying children on the squares, targeting teenagers from rocket launchers, enslaving the adults, vending human organs, raping and killing pregnant women. This exhibition constitutes a cynical continuance of filthy lie promulgation and facts distortion.

Similar exhibition entitled “Soviet paradise” was organized in 1942 by Nazi in Berlin. Its aim was to demonstrate poverty, depression and moral decay of Soviet Union therefore tending to justify the war against it. Obviously, Russian propaganda has not introduced any innovations.

Before accepting, authorities of those European states, aimed by Russia, have to carefully ponder over the proposition to organize such an exhibition in their countries. Taking into account that EU officials are starting to perceive the danger for European citizens posed by Russian propaganda, it would be a mistake to facilitate such propagandistic tricks of Putin’s regime.

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