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Russia boosts Boeing crash slander campaign

In regard to Ukrainian crisis Russian propaganda machine is currently waging informational wars
Wyświetlenia: 455 Zamieszczono 21/05/2015
In regard to Ukrainian crisis Russian propaganda machine is currently waging informational wars in two dimensions, oriented both on internal and international communities. Whereas inner Russian propaganda seeks to build up an enemy image within society in order to consolidate it in the face of pretended external threat, global scale informational campaign tends to undermine unity of the Western democracies.
Another tactical ploy in the course of informational campaign against Western States was a report drafted by some Russian military engineers that have recently hit the headlines of Russian international media. The authors of this classified document (that somehow got public) impute the guilt for the Boeing M17 crash on Ukraine. So-called “investigation” is confined to blaming Ukrainian counterpart in having hit the plane from its air defence missile system “Buk-M1”. There are also evidences provided, comprising images, site plans, maps which are designed simply to enmesh the traces. However it is critical to remark that the authors confirm that the Boeing was hit by “Buk-M1” air defence missile, albeit there are plenty of other versions having appeared in Russian media previously, except for “aliens’ attack”. For instance, here are several of them:
The plane was hit down by a Ukrainian fighter. Certain persons have provided a piece of video-evidence, affirming that they saw a military fighter above the crash site that day. One of the witnesses who is said to have been working on the Ukrainian air facility made a statement for Russian mass media that on the crash day a fighter flew operationally and that it landed with one missile missing. Russian generals, Minister of foreign affairs Mr. Lavrov, Representative of the Russian Federation at the UN Security Council Mr. Churkin vehemently went all out, claiming that their Western partners ignored multiple witnesses’ testimonies.
Ukrainian service personnel confused the M17 flight with Vladimir Putin’s presidential plane, which extremely similar to that have been taken down.
M17 flight crash was a part of American conspiracy plan devised to trigger off a large-scale war against Russia.
Finally, the most creative version was unveiled by Russian terrorist and Main intelligence directorate officer Girkin: the moment the plane was hit, all the passengers had already been dead. As it was “found out” this was MH370 flight, that had disappeared above Indian ocean. In fact, according to Girkin, it has never happened as the plane was redirected to Diego-Garcia American military base. Later on, the flight was steered to the Netherlands. Afterwards it was filled with the corpses, pilots evacuated and the plane proceeded, piloted by the automatic navigation system.
What is the goal of the new surge of Russian propaganda concerning Malaysian Boeing tragedy? The answer is pure and simple. It is another attempt to convince Western democracies that Russia is not a terrorist state helping separatists take down the flights. Besides there seeking to influence public opinion prior to revealing official report of the results of Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 crash investigation..
It is commonly known that the Dutch Security council published preliminary report of presumable reasons of Boeing crash on September 9, 2014. It clearly states that the plane was hit by Russian “Buk” air defence missile launched from territory controlled by insurgents. Investigation officers suggested air defence missile system crew could have been Russian as well. In the meantime Dutch investigators declared that the final report will have been done by summer 2015. Meanwhile assigned date is looming, pretty few people believe it may significantly distinguish from the preliminary report. It means that Russia will be seen indecently by the whole world, including its partner States.
By the last EP Foreign Affairs Committee resolution was submitted a proposition to strengthen sanctions against Russian Federation in case it goes on destabilizing situation in Donbass. If separatists pass to the offensive (which is rather possible) the sanctions will be strengthen, whereas to-be-issued report by the Dutch investigation officers will boost the brain of Italian and Greek politicians. Otherwise they are risking to become allies of the terrorist state.
That’s why Kremlin bewares of the report of the Dutch investigators as it is sure to impede Russian propaganda to split apart European unity in regard to Russian aggression against Ukraine. Report of Russian engineers issued by local media proves an attempt to anticipate upcoming events. Hence European community should be ready to stumble upon such an article in different European publications, as Russia tends to cast a doubt on the faithfulness of Dutch report.

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