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Lost and forgotten

Russian officials tried to deny the fact that their regular Armed forces are engaged in the conflict
Wyświetlenia: 399 Zamieszczono 22/05/2015

On April 2014, under the pressure of circumstances Ukrainian leaders were forced to take a very complicated decision to start Anti-terroristic operation (ATO) in the south-eastern area of Ukraine seeking to overcome the terrorist threat and to maintain territorial integrity of the State.

Even though Russian Federation has never recognized self-proclaimed Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics, it provides the Heads of the aforementioned States with all-round support, including the military one. However much Russian officials tried to deny the fact that their regular Armed forces are engaged in the conflict, baseless statements of Russian authorities stumble upon a vast number of documentary confirmations (for instance, there is a bunch of videos portraying Russian service persons captured by Ukrainian military). Moreover, in spite there are more and more testimonies concerning Russian soldiers killed within ATO zone emerging in the Internet, Supreme Commander-in-Chief utterly eludes any arguments and goes on pig-heatedly renouncing of his proper subordinates!

Obviously, he hasn't changed his mind even after it was officially announced that Russian servicemen (sergeant Alexandrov and captain Yerofieyev) were seized by Ukrainian troops. A proposal to exchange them on the Ukrainian pilot-woman N. Savchenko, brought forward by the Counselor to the Minister of Internal Affairs A. Geraschenko faced fictitious bewilderment, something like: «What officers are you talking about?» Sure, one more similarly awkward declaration contradicting the common sense, delivered by Russian propaganda, couldn't help puzzling all the intellectuals of the planet as well as Russian, in particular. They were embraced by a rather ambiguous feeling: “Either we have already completely gone mad, or leader of a huge nuclear State is simply mocking at us!” Naturally, such a peculiar behaviour of the Russian Head of State places all the national “Big League” in a very complicated dilemma: inability to go against Putin from one side and inability to accept his ruthless, inhumane behaviour and spit upon moral principles from the other.

Taking into consideration that any competent commander would never leave his subordinates to the mercy of fate, Putin’s behaviour can’t be described other than ignominious and hypocritical. Continuously boasting up with the glory and courage of Russian military commanders, he is always acting vice versa. General Suvorov would have been totally taken aback by the fact that Supreme Commander-in-Chief, a person whose task is to stand for each and everybody in the Armed forces, hid behind his soldiers and refused to provide them protection and support by delegating responsibility for their lives on the enemy! It is utterly savage!

I do sincerely wish Russian-Ukrainian conflict was finally over, and the two armies stopped this meaningless slaughter. Nevertheless an indispensable condition for this is Russian strong willingness and preparedness to cease providing military support both direct and indirect to the separatists. So, I am sure that in this case Ukraine will cope with its inner problems by own means. That’s why I suppose it is necessary to warn Russian service personnel now being located in Donbass region as well as those to be relocated there that no losses will be accounted and your names are sure to be forgotten. For Russian commanders you are no more than “consumable items”. Thus, you should think well and eventually identify your real enemy!

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