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European migration crisis as a new step of hybrid war

The recent influx of refugees to Europe became a main topic of political discussions all over the Europe.
Wyświetlenia: 561 Zamieszczono 25/09/2015
The recent influx of refugees to Europe became a main topic of political discussions all over the Europe. Especially after series of tragedies at a Lebanon coastline and horrifying story about truck filled by refugees bodies found by Austrian police. Every European citizen is involved in this discussion.
Thus significant dilemma has arisen: humanism ideas as a pillar of European civilization vis pragmatic approach at a time of serious challenges and not only economical? Politicians are occupied by endless debates of what to do with those migrants. From the one hand people are running from death and suffering and they need help. On the other hand European leaders have no idea what to do with so many refugees. European states does not have enough resources to socialize and support migrants. Especially since not all of them want to work, have occupation or even plan to get it.
However, wide range of issues aren’t still addressed. Why nobody thinks about the origin of migration crisis? And why August was a starting point for this influx to EU? First refugees left Syria in 2013 after first clashes, but they mostly settled in neighbor countries of the region. Refugees heading to Europe were more like a exclusion.
Nevertheless there is one more thing. Almost 72% of refugees are male. What was the reason for such gender anomaly? Isn’t it be right to ask:“Who needs such problem in EU?”.
The peculiarities of hybrid war are based upon the idea that as soon as situation is softened at one battlefront, confrontation arises at the other one. Indeed once a progress achieved in Eastern Ukraine a new crisis shook EU. Analysts confirm such statement believing that Russian shadow over Syrian conflict is a Kremlin attempt to recoup deadlock situation in Eastern Ukraine.
All this events are the parts of a single chain, confirming precarious position of Putin’s regime. It reveals that Kremlin is looking for ways out of current situation, after illegal annexation of Crimea and launching a war in Eastern Ukraine.
It is certainly known that Syria is a bulwark of Russian interests in Middle East and point of confrontation between Russian and Western foreign policy. Putin’s milieu believes such destabilization in Syria and neighbor states to be a cornerstone for oil price rise. It is the the most desirable goal by oil-addicted Putin’s entourage. Panic among Russia tycoons related to continuous rise of oil prices is more and more obvious. Government tries to keep a stiff upper lip, but it looks less and less persuasively each time. By escalating the situation in Middle East Putin hopes that migrants flow will disrupt political elite in EU. Disruption is a favorite trick of former chekist Putin. Such influx of migrants is certainly a challenge as for economics of European states, so as for EU political integrity.
Present crisis seems to appear out of nowhere. Analysts and politicians have already noted that Putin is not going to stop. His personal ambitions overgrew into superiority complex and not allow him to stop, since it reveals his unreliable foreign policy and leads to loss of confidence inside the country. Kremlin has already crossed the Rubicon, so there is no reason to believe Putin will agree on a peaceful settlement.
Migration crisis in EU just confirm it. This crisis is a part of hybrid war, launched by Russia not only against Ukraine but against the whole civilized world. And for the sake of a peaceful life European politicians with their voters must be committed to the idea to remove Putin’s despotic regime.

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