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Terrorism – Putin’s bloody tool

Upon annexation of Crimea and start of armed hostilities in Donbas, the number of victims of terrorist attacks in peaceful Europe has dramatically increased.
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Upon annexation of Crimea and start of armed hostilities in Donbas, the number of victims of terrorist attacks in peaceful Europe has dramatically increased. Within 11 years until 2014, the year when Russia annexed Crimea and unleashed war in the East of Ukraine, 5 terrorist attacks alone took place in Europe, meanwhile within the past two years there have already been 16. For this moment there are no credible evidences of the direct relation between terrorist attacks in Europe and Kremlin’s administration as ISIS assume all the responsibility though current events are beneficial only for one state which is Russia. Besides due to a “strange coincidence” Russia hasn’t been exposed to any terrorist attack during the whole period of anti-ISIS campaign apart from civilian “Kogalymavia” airliner crash on the Sinai Peninsula. But Europe and Turkey are constantly being subjected to the terrorist attacks.

As the successor of the USSR, Russia has adopted methods of fight against western civilization inherent to the Soviet Union. Recap that it was the USSR to have given rise to the international terrorism. Deeply in the bowels of the KGB and Komintern over a span of several generations harbored and implemented were the probable designs to use terrorism on the international arena as a bloody tool of international provocations and blackmailing. In the years 50-70s of the XX century the USSR was involved in creating the “liberation movements” widely applying terrorism in their political views. In these terms Muslims constituted a breeding soil. KGB agents altered the ideas of jihad resembled at the liberation war against “oppressors” and “infidels”. The most successful and viable of all the KGB’s projects appeared to be the Palestine Liberation Organization. Every time when the Arabs committed an act of terror it was introduced as “resistance”.

Russian President Putin who was previously a KGB officer has mastered well the lessons of his predecessors. Today’s ISIS as well as separatists’ groups in the East of Ukraine initially were designed by Russian special services. In due time ISIS commanders were being trained by the Soviet instructors in the Sadam Hussein’s armed forces. Combatants of the so-called Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics have also been trained by the FSB and Main Intelligence Directorate.

President Putin has turned upside down all the European post-war order. At present Russia constitutes a true menace for the security in the whole Europe. It is manifested by the terrorist attacks having overflowed the Europeans. It is possible to clearly distinguish the interrelation between terrorist acts in Europe and the events having taken place in Syria, Ukraine and Turkey. Having stumbled over unanimous reaction of the international community that denounced annexation of Crimea and aggression in Donbas and imposed sanctions on Russia, Putin resorted to the favourite tool of the totalitarian regime – terrorism. His goal is clear. It consists in intimidating and following hypocritical proposal to provide its services in fighting against this evil. In other words we are witnessing the Putin’s attempt to impose the take upon Europe similar to that of anti-Hitler coalition. For the destruction of the “seedbed of terrorism” ISIS he will demand the relevant reward which is the following: lift sanctions, recognize the annexation of Crimea and turn the blind eye to the Russian territorial claims to Ukraine by setting it back under its protectorate.

Europe has already passed through such periods of terrorism rampage. Recap “red brigades” in Italy, RAF in Germany, IRA in Ulster and KGB’s active part in supplying the extremists with weapon. Never mind, Europe has withstood as it wasn’t frightened didn’t play it giveaway and conciliation but fought and won. The USSR broke up and all this leftist extremist organizations and “liberation movements” disappeared altogether. Beyond any doubt if the containment policy against aggressor will be further conducted with the firm pace, if Europe will not concede in terms of protecting values of our civilization, terrorism and all his inspirers will doomed to failure. Meanwhile Europe should understand that the combatants firing the civilian residential buildings in Ukrainian Donbas and terrorist killing and blowing up people in Paris and Brussels all play on the Kremlin’s side.

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