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Wings of death over the Europe. Who is the next?

Though I’m not a graphologist, I’d like to tell something about handwriting, handwriting that led to hundreds of deaths. And even more of them may come if the mad wr...
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Though I’m not a graphologist, I’d like to tell something about handwriting, handwriting that led to hundreds of deaths. And even more of them may come if the mad writer will not be stopped.

The sixth anniversary of the Smolensk catastrophe is looming. There were a lot gossips whether it was an accident or not. But currently even the Prime-Minister Macerevycz assumes it was an act of terrorism. Such charges on the part of the official authorities demonstrate the awareness of the Kremlin’s terroristic nature.

Let us dwell upon the course and the outcome of the investigation process. International board have never been created, the remnants of the airplane still haven’t been handed over to the Polish side (albeit it was required by the European Parliament resolution), and according to Russian version anyone but Russia is guilty in this disaster varying from the Polish pilots to a birch tree.

There are still multiple unanswered questions. Why the registration of the closest radio beacon was unstable (it oscillated within +/- 10 degrees)? Why didn’t the lighting system function properly on the crash day? Why the runway wasn’t sufficiently illuminated, etc…

It should be recalled that right before the crash there was a layer of dense mist floating in the air (though the sky was cloudless!) The visibility was getting worse but… in spite of the mist airfield wasn’t closed. It is not a problem for Russia possessing of the chemical troops to create an artificial mist. During the training they produce as much of it as they need.

Now it is clear that the way the debris were scattered doesn’t concur with any of the earlier presented versions. There was a collision with a birch tree though it never became the reason of the crash. The true reason of the crash is the explosion resulted from the act of terrorism. This version is completely approved by the type of debris scatter. That’s why Russia doesn’t want to give them back. That’s why the investigation is being lingered and the Polish officials are denied access to the investigative actions. We can only make assumptions why the former government agreed with Kremlin. I would like to hope that the new investigation initiated by Macarevycz will be more successful and will disclose the true reasons of the disaster as well as identify the culprits.

Now it is worth taking a close look at the handwriting which is not unique for the Smolensk catastrophe only. Taking out disliked people, intimidating and terrorizing is a maniac’s signature.

Christophe de Margery on behalf of the “Total” company signed contracts on exploitation of the Russian deposits (Shtockman with “Gasprom”, Yamal with “Novatek”). When he became useless (or could have let something slip) his private plane in the Vnukovo airport bumped into a snow plow (on October 20!). Press-secretary of the airport Elena Krylova made a statement that 5 people died in the result of the accident, the reasons of which were unknown but … the runway was again covered with a dense mist.

Air crash of the Russian plane in Egypt apart from having planted the fear among Russian citizens and become an argument for reinforcing the struggle against terrorism inside the country (which is equal to restrictions of liberties and strengthening of the dictatorship) also provided an opportunity for Russia to fight international terrorism beyond its territory. Against the backdrop of ever-aggravating economic crisis the outflow of the cash assets from the country was suspended (Russian tourists took more than 1.3 bln dollars out to the US every year) as right after the crash Russia banned all the tourist trips to Egypt.

Evidently terrorist attacks in Paris and Brussels were profitable exceptionally for one state that reckoned on being called upon to counter terrorism as a part of international coalition and get her aggression indulged by the Western democracies.

Hitting down flight MH17 by hands of the Donbas combatants showed the Europeans Russia’s reaction to the rapprochement between Europe and Ukraine. Afterwards this case was exploited by Russian propaganda to impact the results of the referendum in the Netherlands.

Moscow has been resolving disputes in such manner for a long time. Recall the air crash in Gibraltar in which Sikorski died or recollect the “Korean Air” passenger airplane crash over the USSR…

To sum up, each and every European today should ask himself – who is the next? Whose airplane will be taken down? Where a bomb would go off promoting Kremlin’s interests? What will be the next paragraph written by the mean writer?

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