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Klaster.info was created in 2007 by five founding members – companies operating on the IT market or providing services to companies from that sector.
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The Kluster.info members are small and medium IT and ICT enterprises active in the following provinces: Mazowieckie, Lubelskie, Podkarpackie, Małopolskie and Łódzkie. Currently, Klaster.info has more than 50 participants.  

Sekwencja Sp. z o.o. is the coordinator klaster.info. The company has extensive experience in the market IT, ICT and Business Process Modeling. Over the years, its business has gained a lot of experience in the consulting. Klaster.info engaged in national and international projects. Organization looking for new clusters for beneficial cooperation.

The main mission of klaster.info consists in boosting the competitiveness of Polish enterprises on international markets. The aim of klaster.info is to develop and improve exchange of knowledge between innovative SMEs with emphasis on sharing innovative ideas and technologies. One of the main products offered by the cluster is optimization of business processes in terms of implementation of ERP class systems - especially in logistics, transport and warehousing and other areas of  companies’ operation.

Another significant product offered by klaster.info is an advanced, fully modifiable CRM system. The innovativeness of the solution consists in the ability of deep modifications to CRM models functioning today with respect to integrated process management in organizations as well as to changes in traditional perception of marketing and marketing actions towards advanced post-sale techniques aided by IT solutions. The solution on offer is developed from the IT and legal side as a solution which is made available remotely in line with the „software as a solution” model for particular end users or individual users with full service and hosting support. Klaster.info looking for partners who join to initiative and sold on CRM System to foreign markets.

The cluster has been offering multidimensional assistance to entrepreneurs with respect to the selection, optimization and implementation of IT systems. The services include both the field of system architecture, creation of functional lists, selection of technology, software, infrastructure as well as legal and subsidy-related assistance in IT investments.

Companies belonging to the cluster are entities active on the market which constantly provide similar services and develop new technologies, implement highly innovative ways of rendering services, which has a direct impact on boosting competitiveness on the Polish and foreign markets and makes it possible for them to participate on equal terms in tenders which so far had been accessible only to huge IT companies.



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