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POL-CAT joint-stock company

It is the duty of the POL-CAT management to organize work so that employees can earn as much as they need at every stage of their life
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"Tools and services from people who are proud of their work"
Why I invented POL-CAT joint-stock company???
If you love her you will be try to give her all world, all the wealth of the world. You will be so producive and efective for her and for your kids. But mafias are waiting for the result of your hard work and will take over your bussines and destroy your life. I invented the way of business- global trade and service POL-CAT enterprise. POL-CAT enterprise will not be take over by mafias. It will be impossible. POL-CAT will build the new honest world.
My idea for the world
My idea for the world lies in: production is not limited by bans and employees have equal shares in profits in individual production units. Global trade and distribution of services is in the hands of an ethical world elite (POL-CAT) that supports ethical manufacturing enterprises. During economic depression POL-CAT will be the regulator of global economy lowering supply prices but during the prosperity of the economy will increasing supply prices that help to reach balance of the global economy.
Responsibilities and earnings of the POL-CAT management
It is the duty of the POL-CAT management to organize work so that employees can earn as much as they need at every stage of their life. Arranging remote work, preparing efficient workplaces, training, ensuring the right amount of work for everyone etc. is the responsibility of the POL-CAT management. The remuneration of POL-CAT management will be the same as average earnings per employee.
Ensuring optimal distribution of high-quality goods and services purchased at the lowest price will put pressure on the governments of countries to provide cheap and educated workforce and infrastructure necessary to support cheap but high quality production. This will ensure global population flows between countries and the development of high-quality education and science.
Warsaw, 21 September 2018,18:42 Bogdan Góralski
POL-CAT joint-stock company may be the regulator of the domestic and global market
POL-CAT joint-stock company may be the regulator of the domestic and global market by internal country branches of POL-CAT.
It is known that logistics costs account for up to 50% of the costs of enterprises. The smaller the enterprise, the worse the logistics and the share of the supply costs increases. POL-CAT as a market regulator will improve the logistics of the economy, especially the most innovative small and medium-sized enterprises, which constitute the core of the EU economy (unfortunately not in Poland).
POL-CAT as an apolitical market trade and service company will improve the sales of goods and services, improving the situation of small producers and opening up a market for them, including international ones. The speed of money circulation will improve because POL-CAT being rewarded with a sales commission will accelerate transactions serving both producers and trading companies. POL-CAT which recognizing global needs in the field of production and services will be a stimulator of the development of new thriving business entities.
The use of modern logistics and digital platform will also affect the speed and mass scale of banking transactions. Banks will develop modern banking operations techniques to meet the requirements of fast and reliable commercial transactions. Confidence of commercial transactions will be a priority of POL-CAT, which will also deal with the sale of finance.
Politicisist, as poorly educated people, are generally susceptible to the manipulation of financiers. This results in flows of money between the state treasury and the banking system in times of financial crises. Because POL-CAT will allocate half of the commission for financing scientific research will be an environment grouping the elite of elites -grouping the most educated people. Financial crises will be predictable and the risk of banking operations will be minimized. During the financial crisis, POL_CAT will stimulate producers and traders by reducing supply prices. Supply prices will be increased during periods of good economic prosperity.
It will be possible to reduce the financial costs of banks and the risk of lending because POL-CAT will be a reliable informer about the situation of business entities that it will serve.
The quality of products offered by POL-CAT will improve. POL-CAT applying in practice modern ethics protecting natural resources and natural environment through quality requirements for products and services. The access to market information will be improved and providing all social groups with products of the highest quality that ensure respect for the natural environment.
POL-CAT using a modern ethical system will unify global culture and remove civilizational divisions, employing people of all nationalities what will affect peace processes between nations. The global migration of people seeking a decent pay and living conditions that will be globally egalitarian along with the development of POL-CAT will increase. Quality of life globally will increasing.
Warsaw, 18 September 2018, 18:50 Bogdan Góralski

Money is a measure of social usefulness for a businessman.

Money is a symbol of social recognition in creating jobs for others less creative than a businessman. The experience of developed countries shows that most jobs are created by small and medium enterprises because they are efficiently managed and the most innovative. Therefore, a functioning society should have an institution supporting business development and creating new jobs in such enterprises. The company POL-CAT, which I intend to reactivate in Poland, will be such a public trust institution.
If you have an idea to start a business that meets social needs, then POL-CAT will help you start production or services by providing know-how and the necessary means of production and also will help you to sell a product or services in the POL-CAT sales network.
POL-CAT will give the guarantee needed by the businessman in the contract with the bank.
The remuneration to POL-CAT will be a 10% commission on the value of sales, half of which will be a salary to employees of POL-CAT and the other half will finance the development of Polish science. Thus, POL-CAT will not generate any profit and its value will increase along with the sales volume achieved. POL-CAT will be the regulator of the domestic market because in the event of an economic crisis it will, in consultation with suppliers of goods and services, lower supply prices which will stimulate the economic life of the country. The sole equal shareholder owners of POL-CAT will be employees who will sell their share in the POL-CAT after the end of their job only to POL-CAT. In this way, POL-CAT will be a constantly independent, growing enterprise guided by the interest of ethical employees. The principles of operation of POL-CAT are presented below:

Warsaw, 30 March 2018, 4:53 Bogdan Góralski

Mode of operation POL-CAT joint-stock company

So far, the trade was based on the principle that a customer is looking for a product. I reverse this rule and will look for the customer for the item. The implications of this rule will cause huge bundles and will result in higher quality goods for the average customer. I will reduce the price of selected goods on the market. The droplets of shabby will be reduced. I need good IT professionals to realize this idea revolution on the market.

Modern management at POL-CAT will consist in making full use of the talents and creativity of cooperating equal owners while ensuring the free emergence of natural leaders of employee teams. The development of the POL-CAT sales offer and services will require growing employment and creativity of equal (self-controlling) owners guided by their own benefit, which will also benefit all POL-CAT shareholders.

POL-CAT S.A will find new channels for the sale of professional tools and power tools and other professional products and services and will operate them in Poland and abroad for which it will receive commission from manufacturers and distributors sold goods depending on sales prices based on the principle:

1.The sold products are delivered to the buyer from the manufacturer's warehouse, the distributor and invoiced by the manufacturer, the distributor under conditions determined by POL-CAT S.A. In the delivery specifications,

  1. The customer decides the details of purchase according to the created sales regulations in POL-CAT S.A within the scope of the obtained from the suppliers of goods and services of commercial discounts,

3.Producer, distributor of products delivered to the commercial network operated by POL-CAT S.A will sign a notarized agreement on indefinite exclusivity POL-CAT S.A. In the created by POL-CAT S.A. Sales network. The contract will specify the commission fee for POL-CAT S.A for the services rendered to the manufacturers and distributors of the goods sold, depending on the sales prices of their goods,

4.POL-CAT S.A reserves the right to make a trade offer including tools and power tools, the selection of tools and brands and the right to negotiate price frames for the purchase of tools and power tools and their accessories and other products,

5.POL-CAT S.A reserves the right to shape its sales network and offer to it.

  1. The delivery and insurance costs pays the supplier,
  2. Payment for goods purchased by the recipient is transferred directly to the account of the manufacturer, distributor of products sold in the network POL-CAT S.A.,
  3. Commission fee for POL-CAT S.A for the sale is made monthly on the bank account POL-CAT S.A, after payment for the delivered goods from the customer,
  4. All employees of POL-CAT SA are exclusive and equal shareholders of POL-CAT S.A. And may resell their shares exclusively to POL-CAT S.A. The value of employee stock of POL-CAT S.A is calculated as the three-year sales value divided by the current number of employees minus the sum of all wages paid to the employee,
  5. Half of the total commission earned on the sale of POL-CAT S.A. will be used to finance the development of science.
  6. Employees of POL-CAT S.A receive annual remuneration up to the maximum amount depending on the total value of half of the annual commission of POL-CAT S.A. commission divided by the number of employees,
  7. The POL-CAT S.A crew consists of equal numbers of women and men.
  8. The business dutifulness of women evolved evolutionally because of the need to care for offspring, that were neglected by men who cared only for power and sex. Therefore, in the global POL-CAT company, gender parity and equality of share in earned profits will be obligatory. My last proposal is to vary the working time depending on its performance. Those who are more productive will work shorter than less efficient in making profits. The length of working time, e.g. women, who are more efficient employees, will probably be shorter than men who are naturally more lazy than women. Working time will depend on the work efficiency. This will allow women to longer raise their children and care for their family home.

Warszawa 2 lipca 2017,12:51 Bogdan Góralski

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