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Lost paradise

Logical reasoning removes barriers of cognition.
Wyświetlenia: 460 Zamieszczono 14/06/2019
Lost paradise
I think that the concept of paradise was created as a result of the shift of climatic zones, what was associated with the movement of the earth's coating.
Along with the movement of the Earth's coating, the life-giving rainfall zones shifted and the paradise area of the blossoming garden turned into a sun-burnt desert which was a shock to people watching this and recognizing it as a sign of the wrath of the Creator because of the sins of humanity.
In our conversations, we still encounter an area of ignorance about how our world works. But logical reasoning removes barriers of cognition. We know the results of Young's experiment with light and its quantum implications, ie Heisenberg's uncertainty principle. They reveal that observation changes reality, ie the observer's consciousness changes reality. In our world, we observe and at the same time we are watched (I assume so logically). If we are dealing with an observing intelligent machine, it must have a built-in algorithm to assess our behavior and match virtual reality in order to achieve the intended goal of evolution, ie to generate new energy resources. This algorithm is the law of saving energy in operations, I suppose. It is a merciless law just as evolution is ruthless. But evolution is set on a specific goal and must be achieved at the lowest energy cost. It gives us hope to avoid suffering in evolution if we apply this law???
Bogdan Góralski

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