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Russia goes old-school on brand-new provocations against Ukraine’s weapon busine

To date, Russia’s strategic sights as regards to unraveling Ukraine’s statehood lie with Yemen, where the ship bulging with Russian arms...
Wyświetlenia: 608 Zamieszczono 19/02/2015

To date, Russia’s strategic sights as regards to unraveling Ukraine’s statehood lie with Yemen, where the ship bulging with Russian arms, is tried to be passed for Ukrainian delivery-at-door in the best interest of the Yemeni rebels.

Undoubtedly, considering a regular cut-throat rivalry with their Ukrainian counterparts, Putin’s arms trade moguls found themselves on the cloud nine with the situation in Ukraine having gone from cold to frigid. Apparently, resultant of the abovementioned, the Ukrainian arms exports came to a nearly total freeze.

As well as that, with the influx of military hardware from Russia to the Donbas region, Ukraine’s capability towards promising exports of tank T-64 crumbled to dust.

For the record, after the fragmentation of the USSR a nascent Ukrainian state received no less than 2000 tanks of the aforementioned type. Over more than 20 years since their independency, the Ukrainians strived in vain to gain financially on their massive stock of T-64 tanks. The first successful steps occurred in the very end of tenure of the former president Yanukovych.

Nonetheless, instead of profit-making deliveries to India and the Democratic Republic of Congo, the said tanks joined the fight against separatists and Russian troops in the east of Ukraine.

Under such flow of the events, Putin found himself full of energies to put a lid on one of the most formidable players on the market of the used tanks.

Furthermore, at the early stages of cold-blood relations between Russia and Ukraine, the former managed to wreck the contract brokered between Ukraine and Iraq towards the delivery of the Ukrainian-manufactured APC „BTR-4” for the Iraqi army. Nevertheless, in the light of the on-going events in Ukraine, those APCs came in handy for its armed forces, particularly in its war-torn eastern regions.

On the other hand, it gave Russia a good deal of time to fine-tune its work on the indigenous armored vehicles both to cater for their own needs and for the respective requests of their foreign partners. Seemingly, Russia should be blissfully happy at such state of the events, however Putin holds a different view.

Long before the escalation of war on the territory of Ukraine, Russia had developed a pronounced habit to pull at all stops to spread false information about their Ukrainian opponents being allegedly tied up in the arms smuggling to the conflict zones. Although, this information failed to find even a tiny shred of proof, Russia continues it lame tactics up until today.

To compliment the foregoing, an array of recent setups on the part of Russians towards Ukraine itself and their Arab partners stand as a telling example for their nefarious deeds

The first pertains to the statement of the American magazine „Newsweek”, which reads that at the beginning of February Kiev hosted a meeting between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavel Klimkin and Abdurrahman Suveihli.

The latter is said to be a representative of a hard-line Islamic group
„The Dawn of Libya” and arrived to Ukraine to ask for political support in the form of arms deliveries bending the UN embargo. At the same time, his Libyan colleague headed to Moscow. Albeit two weeks have passed, there are still neither the results of the meeting nor people to acknowledge that it ever came to pass.

Apart from that, Russian channel „Live news” has lately gibbeted Ukraine for the alleged deliveries of American armaments to Syria, however, again no clear-cut facts attached.

Truly, it never rains, but it pours, as long as last week Qatari-owned channel „Al-Jazeera” trumpeted to each and every that some Ukrainian ship came to Yemen with a specific cargo, i.e. loads of Russian weaponry for rebels, which is now bobbing waves at the port under their possession.

Having stripped their web-sites off any details, the Yemenis are solely kicking around the topic of the so called „Ukrainian ship”, which still incessantly continues to ride the anchor and unload.

Without doubts, the underbelly of the aforesaid string of events is crystal-clear, i.e. Russia puts every effort conceivable to annoy the Americans and Saudis as well as to step up the increase of oil prices. The latter might be achieved in concert with Iran, which happens to be its only partner in region and in good faith in favor to Russia fuels the mutiny of Huthis in Yemen and Saudi Arabia.

In the final analysis, bearing in mind the tactics of Russia, which is targeted to divert the world community’s attention from its front-line scenario, Ukraine should fell prey for the sake of Russian game of interests achieve a success unheard before. In addition to that, against the backdrop of such phony arms deliveries allegedly executed by Ukraine, Kremlin nurtures a desire to spread mayhem within Ukraine’s population, casting false color on the contemporary Ukrainian power in office, which is sure to stand and prevail leading its country to brave new horizons.

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