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Wild Rover and the Landlady

The story as a joke was telled by a fellow of mine in a tavern in Killkenny while drinkin' a lot of beer.
Wyświetlenia: 504 Zamieszczono 15/04/2015

The story as a joke was telled by a fellow of mine in a tavern in Killkenny while drinkin' a lot of beer.
Had my guitar wid me, so after three or four next beers, we had dis song as it follows here.

Once upon a time a rover wild sat down by a country way

many a mile he'd gone on foot this sunny and beautiful day.

He look'd at first into his bag, but nothig there was to be found,

so, he turn'd back then and took a glance around.

Large there pastures were rich in green grass moist,

He was glad toe find the food which would nothing have been cost.

He dropped toe his knees and follered there where goats standing in a row,

and started gorging this grass green stark like a hungry cow.

Then a landlady had gone out from behind an ajar door,

looked at him, smiled and said „come foller me my poor”.

She smiled again and waved a hand, he quickly got toe his feet,

„there'll be a soup”, he gaily thought,”t'say nothing of the meat”.

She led him across the cabin of hers ,they stopped at some next door,

she pointed a hand toe a pasture next, „there's better grass my poor”

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Hihihi... great ending ;) You may enjoy this production of Graham Masterton then. He sang Mother's Lament in Wrocław last summer. I translated for him during his authors meeting ;)https://youtu.be/gCxTEsJKO6Y

@Skalny Kwiat: He's excellent writer but his singing...is not so great. You looked great:)

@Staff Sgt.Wide: He is extreme fun :) I like people, who are not playing a bride at the altar, when they talk about themselves and their lives. He is not a great singer, but he is great fella and a friend ;)

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