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Only God exist, God is the only being

The so-called God is a virtual reality filled with various forms of energy. we are an intelligent algorithms being tested in our world for further use in the virtual universe.
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Only God exist, God is the only being
In the book of the Hasidic philosopher Martin Buber "The Problem of Man" there is a fragment that talks about his views:
 "The Chasidic teaching made him particularly sensitive, according to which man commune with God only through the world and this dialogue is the essence of history. (...) It is important that Buber himself felt inspired by Hasidic science and that under his influence he made a great return in his thinking. It was a turn to the world and the rejection of ecstatic mystical experience for the "silent revelation of everyday life" and passive contemplation and favoring action. And on page XVI: "The world is not the opposite of God, but, as Kabbalistic and Hasidic tradition taught," divine living "," the gate to God "(Buber 1993: XIII-XIV).
According to Ibn Arabi (Ibn Arabi 2010) in the strict sense of the word, only God exists, and the world is only its reflection, revelation. This is a radical interpretation that means that God is the only being.
I agree that only energy exists and it is the equivalent of wise love that creates new beings, new worlds.
The tradition conveyed by the Prophet Muhammad says: God, the Hidden Treasure, is the source of love and in his desire for revelation to the world he passes this love to creatures who have recognized him and respond to this call (Ibn Arabi 2010: XXVI).
The so-called God is a virtual reality filled with various forms of energy. Our existence is an intelligent algorithm being tested in our world in terms of suitability for further use in the virtual universe. You probably already know that you are being watched?
Bogdan Góralski, Warsaw 2002-2018

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